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Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 16:10:41 +0100
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Subject: Anti-capitalist actions
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Hi friends,

Since Seattle I have been working on a project (Talking
2000) tracking the emergence of the anti-capitalist
movement.  I am anxious to record examples of activity
across the world during the past year.  Can anyone report on
web sites/LISTS/organisations/individuals reporting on
demos/marches/strikes/boycotts etc. concerned with
ant-capitalist themes?

Secondly if you know of discussion LISTS/sites on the
strategy and tactics of the movement that would also be of
great interest!

For your information I can heartily recommend a new report
--States of Unrest by Jessica Woodruffe and Mark
Ellis-Jones, published by the World Development Movement.

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Subject: Canadian Election
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 13:46:40 -0700

Dear Richard:

Just to let you know that both Jeff and I are running for
Member of Parliament in next month's Candian federal
election.  We are representing Paul Hellyer's Canadian
Action Party


and are up against two tough encumbents from Big Money
parties, but it will give us a voice to tell the truth to a
lot of people who have bought the propaganda in the media.


Diana Jewell
North Vancouver

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Subject: fwd: wake up, lefties?

fwd...letter to a publication, from john manning...

[John Manning is a veteran communist and trade unionist]

Sobeslav, Czech Republic, October 13, 2000

Dear Monthly Review,

My copy of Number 4 of Vol. 52, for September, reached me
here yesterday

and I have now read it cover to cover, since I was much
distressed by the title and beginning of the lead editorial,
"SOCIALISM: A TIME TO RETREAT?". (The issue as a whole is
high level and everyone, particularly if with health
problems, should read Richard Levin's "Is Capitalism a
Disease?" It helps to know what you are fighting.

As for the editorial, living in the "new territories",
outside the continental boundaries of the empire, I
continually fail to appreciate the extent to which the
overwhelming blanket of big business propaganda affects
everyone living inside USA and remain amazed that, in ten
years of trying, I have been unable to get any U.S.
socialist-inclined publication to print a word on, or even
consider, the road to socialism opened up after the Soviet
collapse by the completely unshaken advance of the
communists of Japan.

The only opening was momentary and not on the Left. The
Boston GLOBE ran a quite-factual article on page 21 of its
Sunday, June 18 issue, when it appeared certain the left
alliance led by the communists would actually displace the
ruling Rightist parties in the July elections.

Your editorial accepts Perry Anderson's finding that the
socialist movement is "no longer alive", though it cites
Singer's historical analysis in "WHOSE MILLENNIUM?" that
socialism can not and should not be given up. But it leaves
out Daniel Singer's great contribution to last year's
Socialist Scholars Conference that "WHAT WE NEED IS A

Not only is there movement in the outside world but - - the
"PROJECT WITH VISION" HAS APPEARED!! - and is arousing the
people in droves.. And it had to be started by a non-Left,
democratic source with decades-long credentials of honest
public service, Ralph Nader.

The movement has real similarity to the successful movement
in Japan in its objectrive to wrest control of the
government from the big companies and return it to the
people. In Japan the movement is led by communists and
stretches through Social Dems and Democrats to Liberals. In
the U,.S. the movement is new, and nearly all official
bodies still remain in the official structure. Beyond the
independent and active, the big source of strength is the
majority who had given up voting. The CPUSA dismisses Nader
as "bourgeois" and endorses Gore!

The Japanese, considering Marx's prediction that socialism
would come first in an advanced capitalist country, decided
to undertake it. They further decided that the first
strategic objective must be, not socialism, but people's
sovereignty and democratic control, the move to socialism to
be left to when the people's majority would be ready to move
on it. This, with total honesty and democracy, has proved
capable of mobilizing millions, and making alliances
reaching far into those who consider themselves
"conservatives", while arousing the horror and boycott of
rule-of-the-book socialists.

The Nader objective is democratic control, pure and simple.
It will be an enormous step, sufficient for the present.
What is important is that those who have learned from Marx
should realize the importance of the democratic movement and
take active part, in order to be there when capital says,
"If you force democracy, you'll put us out of business", to
be able to say, "Well, then, the people will run it."

The failed Soviet experience showed that the technical
running of it is no great problem - IF - the people
themselves control, with no commissar over their head. The
long struggle (and it won't be short), for democratic
control will necessarily mobilize the people, and from
telling managers and governors and senators what they have
to do, they will learn responsibilities of government and
constitute the "millions" Lenin visualized as running the
society of producers.

This is not to red-bait the Nader movement. It is a
democratic movement,

pure and simple. That is revolutionary enough! It is the
socialists who can't yet understand it.

Come out into the SUN! ! !

Meszaros "Beyond Capital", which you printed in 1995,
explained clearly what was wrong with the Soviet Union -
that capital still ruled and that

you can't get there that way. He also showed that capitalism
was going nowhere. The road for the socialist offensive
which he showed and the Japanese have proved, is wide open.

As for Nader being bourgeios and the Japanese friends being
communists -

it's not the name, it's what you do!

In this movement everyone who believes in people and in
living can join!

Let's get with it!

John Manning, Czech Republic
(Legal and voting address, Berkeley, CA.)

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 09:24:56 -0700
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Subject: Thousands of protestors slam Asia-Europe summit in Seoul, Korea
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Thursday, October 19 2000

Thousands of protestors slam Asia-Europe summit

SEOUL, Oct 19 (AFP) -

Thousands of protestors staged a boisterous
anti-globalization rally Thursday as Asian and European
leaders gathered in Seoul for a cross-continent summit.

"No globalization," chanted some 4,000 students, labor
leaders and civil rights activists at Soongsil University
campus in southern Seoul on the eve of the third Asia-Europe
Meeting (ASEM).

The evening rally drew some 100 foreign activists taking
part in a forum of nongovernment organizations (NGOs) held
to coincide with the summit on Friday and Saturday.

Tens of thousands of police, backed by helicopters and
armoured riot vehicles, have been deployed throughout Seoul
to stop protests. But no violence was reported.

The protestors punched the air, surrounding a podium
decorated with a banner reading "We Oppose
Neo-liberalization and Globalization!" and a large picture
depicting an angry slogan-chanting worker.

Students and union activists held up placards blasting ASEM
for promoting a US-led globalization movement and vowed to
lead a protest march on Friday, which will be kept several
kilometers from the ASEM convention center.

The march will be headed by the Korean Confederation of
Trade Unions (KCTU), a militant union group which has
opposed sweeping economic reforms since an economic crisis
forced South Korea to accept a 58-billion-dollar bailout
from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in late 1997.

The protestors blasted the lending policies of international
institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and
the IMF for increasing the suffering of poor nations by
imposing harsh repayment obligations.

"Globalization is a main cause of worsening labor
conditions." read a statement distributed at the rally.

"Disband the international organizations soliciting
neo-liberalism. Stop negotiations about free trade measures
and block the WTO New Round."

South Korean pressure groups have pledged there will be no
repeat of the violence that dogged the WTO conference last
year in Seattle, and the World Bank/IMF meetings in Prague
last month.

But organizers of ASEM, South Korea's biggest international
event since the 1988 Olympics, are desperate to avoid
violent clashes with protestors and are taking no chances
with security.

From Thursday, riot police sealed off all public access to
within two kilometers (1.2 miles) of the sprawling ASEM

A South Korean photograher reported seeing around 20 local
student activists detained by police after trying to break
through police lines. However police denied any arrests had
been made.

Richard K Moore
Wexford, Ireland
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