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Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 10:55:10 -0800
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Subject: [FixGov] Fw: rn> Turtle Island Institute: a Civil Society proposal

Last week I forwarded the draft plan of 'Facilitating
Change' to Richard K. Moore, author of  'Escaping the
Matrix' and have received the following reply from him.  In
addition, it appears he has posted the message to the
cyberjournal list he hosts suggesting that others may want
to reply or join FixGov.  In his critique of the proposal,
Richard suggests an alternate way of using the network in
Third World countries and to which I heartily agree.  Which
is why we had originally separated the 'ecotravel lodge'
concept in Third World countries from the 'learning centers'
in First World Countries.  The Third World countries are
much more proficient in 'appropriate green technology' than
are those of us in the developed world.  What they lack most
is the funding to accomplish projects and in some cases,
management skills.  Richard also makes some suggestions as
to how we might accomplish the book more effectively.


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Subject: rn> Turtle Island Institute: a Civil Society proposal
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