cj#1144,rn> Some final thoughts on the U.S. election…


Richard Moore


The difference between the Democratic and Republican parties
is that one threatens to toss you in the lake next week tied
to a 50 pound weight, while the other promses nicer things -
a 40 pound weight, and a little more time.   The difference
between voters on the left and right is their opinion on
which party is which.  Regardless of which 'side' you're on,
and regardless of which major party wins, a major-party
victory moves us closer to being drowned by a
hyper-exploitive global corporate regime.

Can anyone disupute this?  Can anyone show me a shred of
evidence that either party is interested in reconsidering
the globalization agenda?  Is there anyone who does not
understand that this agenda is transferring all real
decision-making power to a set of corporate-controlled
institutions (WTO et al)?  Does anyone believe that any of
the minor issues that separate Gore & Bush will seem
significant when this centralized power has been
consolidated?  Does anyone think that any temporary 'gains'
we might make in this election will endure when DuPont,
Chase Manhattan, Exxon, and General Electric have the legal
authorization to run the world their way?  Is anyone that

If someone can't think outside the box at all - the
mass-media bube-tube box - then I suppose he or she can't be
blamed for dutifully marking their X's as they've been
programmed to do.  And in a normal election year - when no
alternative is offered - then there's little anyone else
could do either, except not vote and be counted, unfairly,
in the ranks of the apathetic.   But in a  year like this -
when an exciting candidate is making a serious attempt -
there is no excuse not to get out there and cast a bold vote
for Nader - and against the rotten system our 'leaders' refer
to as 'democracy' and 'free enterprise'.