cj#1166> The “Guidebook”: a status report


Richard Moore


I want to thank all of you who have sent in feedback on the
first chapter of the Guidebook.  Evidently, the material is
getting wide circulation. I received the following note from
a "Morgan":

    "Your first chapter of the Guidebook is spreading far and
    wide. I am being asked almost daily for Spanish and Italian
    translations. Is anybody on to this yet?"

    [ See Morgan's website:  http://www.environment.org.uk/activist/ ]

Several gracious people have offered to translate, and we
should have Chapter 1 in Spanish and Italian on the website
fairly soon.

Richard Douthwaite has suggested making the Guidebook (with
its linked material) available as part of a series of
educational CDs, for use in courses.  If the committee
approves, and if the grant proposals succeed, that would be
an excellent development path for the project.  Once
produced, the CDs could be distributed over a variety of
channels.  CD's, in fact, might be a form of "people's
publishing" that could be used more generally by the

I realize that Chapter 1 may have been uninteresting to
many, especially those who have been following my earlier
work.  Chapter 1 is a refinement of stuff I've been
publishing for some time, and besides most of the ideas
aren't original to begin with.

I hope you will find Chapter 2 more interesting - and more
relevant to current threads.