Social Movements Conference, Manchester, 17-19 April


Richard Moore

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Subject: social movements conference, Manchester, 17-19 April

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A previous announcement of the 7th "Alternative Futures & Popular
Protest" conference contained a serious mistake about dates.  The
conference will be held from Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th April 2001.

A duly amended notice follows.  Offers of papers are still welcome.

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Between 1995 and 2000 Manchester Metropolitan University has 
hosted six very successful international conferences on 'ALTERNATIVE
FUTURES and POPULAR PROTEST'. A seventh conference will be held from 
17-19 April 2000.

The aim of the Conference is to explore the dynamics of popular
movements, along with the ideas which animate their leaders and
supporters and which contribute to shaping their fate.


We invite offers of papers from sociologists, political scientists,
historians and others, addressing the conference themes and their
theorisation. Papers should address such matters as:

* contemporary and historical social movements and popular protests

* social movement theory 

* utopias and experiments 

* ideologies of collective action 

* etc.

Those interested in offering papers should contact either of the
conference convenors with a brief abstract:

EITHER Colin Barker, Department of Sociology
OR Mike Tyldesley, Department of Politics and Philosophy
Manchester Metropolitan University
Geoffrey Manton Building, Rosamond Street West
Manchester M15 6LL, England
Tel: C. Barker 0161 247 3439         email: •••@••.•••
Tel: M. Tyldesley  0161 247 3460 email: •••@••.•••
Fax: 0161 247 6321 (+44 161 247 6321)
(Wherever possible, please use email.)

Those giving papers are asked to supply them in advance, for inclusion
in the volumes of 'Proceedings' (with an ISBN reference), which will
be available from the conference opening.

* Word limits for papers: 7,000 words, including notes

* Two single-spaced typed copies should be provided, on A4 or US
Letter paper, with one inch margins, and with a copy of the text on a
DOS disk in either ASCII or MS Word format. (if in doubt, please
contact one of the convenors in advance.)

* Final date for receipt of abstracts: 12 March 2001 

* Final date for receipt of agreed papers: 26 March 2001 

* Participants whose papers are not supplied by the final date will be
asked to bring 50 copies to the Conference for distribution. Advance
submission is much preferred, since the bound volumes of Proceedings
will be sent to the British Library but loose papers will be excluded.

A selection from the 1995 conference appeared in early 1996 as: 
To Make Another World: Studies in Protest & Collective Action 
Colin Barker & Paul Kennedy(eds.), Avebury, 1996 ISBN 1.85972.326.8

Liverpool University Press and Manchester University Press will both
be publishing two further volumes of papers on social movements, one
on issues of Leadership and the other on Strategy.

A few copies of the 1999 and 2000 Proceedings (two vols in each year,
stlg25.00 the set, post free) may still be obtained from Colin 
Barker. Cheques with orders, please.


The conference will run from lunch-time Tuesday 17th to 
lunch-time Thursday 19th April 2001. Cost, inclusive of three 
lunches, teas/coffees and copies of the bound Proceedings, will be
stlg 100 (students stlg 60). Bed & Breakfast accommodation is
available in local student accommodation at stlg 30 per night, or
(more expensively) in local hotels, etc., a list of which can be
supplied on request.

Conference participants will be offered the opportunity go out to
dinner at two local (and not too expensive) restaurants on the two
conference evenings. Payment for such dinners should not be made in
advance, but directly to the restaurants on the night.


17-19 April 2001

Name    _____________________________

Address _____________________________



Tel No. _____________________________

Fax No. _____________________________

Email   _____________________________

               Conference fee               stlg 100.00      
               Student fee (under-
                and post-grad)               stlg  60.00        

               Bed & Breakfast     
                  Tuesday night             stlg  30.00        
                  Wednesday night        stlg  30.00                                   

                                            TOTAL       stlg _____

Please advise if you have any dietary or disability requirements.

Please return the completed Booking Form to:-
Colin Barker
Department of Sociology
Geoffrey Manton Building,
Manchester Metropolitan University
Rosamond Street West, off Oxford Road,
Manchester M15 6LL, England
Tel: 0161 247 3439
Fax: 0161 247 6321 (+44 161 247 6321)
email: •••@••.•••

Cheques payable to `Manchester Metropolitan University'

Credit Card payments (Mastercard & Visa only):

Card Number .... .... .... ....

Expiry Date .. / ..

Closing date for bookings: 30 March 2001