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Richard Moore

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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 17:34:17 EST
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Thanks for your heartfelt vision of ways we can bridge
between people of very different ideologies. I spend my life
helping facilitate bridge building, and on a personal, small
group and even organizational level I know it is possible.
At the societal level, I too think it is possible but we
would have to have a very different media and other
institutions in order to not fall into the "argument
culture" trap. My personal experience says that cultural
creatives and traditionalists have more in common in many
ways than either does with the moderns, though I am
overgeneralizing I know.

I also appreciate the fear and concerns shared by those who
sent you messages of reminders of what horrors can occur...I
believe that they are right to be concerned, though history
is filled with violent, horrific stories of leaders from all
idealogical leanings...right and left has not be a
determiner of compassionate/non-violent/sane leadership.
Would that it were otherwise and we could simply point to
one way of thinking/being in the world as the one that
generates the "best world" for all.

Blessings as you keep stretching to meet your family member
where she lives while finding ways to connect with her
around your deepest values. If we are really honest, there
is a lot in what the right wing says about progressives that
rings true about our dysfunctionality. And there is a lot of
what we are saying about theirs...G-d help us all to get
past the name calling and find what is sacred and
universally true before it is too late.

Eryn Kalish