Announcing: new and improved cyberjournal website


Richard Moore


Please take a look at our updated, friendlier website - and if you like it 
spread the word... and of course your comments are more than welcome.

The Guidebook is now complete, and the most recent series (re/The Takers) has 
been refined and posted as 'Returning to Our Roots - the Harmonization 
Initiative'.  (This is being presented as a paper in April at a social movements
conference in Manchester.)  The list archives are now up to date, except for 
this posting.

Tomorrow, I'll start posting the responses that have been piling up. I think you
will find them to be provocative and interesting.  In the meantime, if you'd 
like to check out the 'Guidebook' or 'Returning to Our Roots', I'd be very 
interested in your responses to those.

all the best,

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Special Features
* 'A Guidebook: How the world works and how we can change it' (rkm)
* 'Returning to Our Roots - the Harmonization Initiative' (rkm)
* 'Escaping the Matrix' (rkm) * Are you ready for the red pill?
* 'Toward an American Revolution - Exposing the 
   Constitution and Other Illusions', by Jerry Fresia.
* 'The Civil Society - an Unfolding Cultural Struggle', by David Korten.