About our goals & strategy thread


Richard Moore


In general, people seem to be supportive of the suggested
new purposes for the list.  Several people have already
begun sending in ideas and questions regarding the thread on
strategy & goals. Here I'd like to introduce this thread in
a bit more depth, to help us get our thinking caps aligned.

Please keep in mind that I am not suggesting we, on these
lists, 'solve' all the problems, and then announce the
solutions to the world.  Rather, I see our discussions as
being ~part of~ movement dialog - the ideas we come up with
will be shared with others, as part of a larger, networked,
collaborative process.



Movement goals
Charles Bell phrases the question this way:

    "What do you see at the end of the road? What sort of
    society and polity do you envision?  It will have to be one
    that can be lived in and run by ordinary, ornery human

Well put, Charles.  Not only do we need a vision for a new
society, but it must be a vision that is sensible and
workable. We need to understand how the new society going to
operate, or we would be fools to seek to dethrone the
current regime.  The devil we know is better than volatility
and chaos.

Furthermore, without agreed goals, the movement could never
have the perseverance to succeed. Being anti-globalization
or anti-whatever is sufficient to protest, not sufficient to
motivate a transformational movement.

Movement strategy
Even though goals are undecided, there is still much that we
can learn about strategy, in parallel with goal discussions.
Whatever our new society vision turns out to be, we can be
sure that it will require the overcoming of the current
regime.  There is much we can learn from past movements,
throughout history.  Many previous regimes were similar to
the current one, in various relevant ways, and many of those
regimes were successfully replaced.  There were also many
failed movements, and those too have much to teach us.

But today's circumstances are never the same as yesterday's
circumstances.  It is also important that we understand what
is unique about globalization, and how it is different from
any previous era.  We need to map the lessons from the past
onto the conditions of the present - if we hope to come up
with strategies that are both proven and appropriate.

Suggested Reading
If you want to review my own thinking on globalization,
goals, and strategy, you can take a look at the "Guidebook"
and "Returning to our roots", both of which are featured on
our website, http://cyberjournal.org.  The Guidebook also
includes a good list of annotated book recommendations.