rn: BIG march Sept. 29 (anti-war, anti-racism, anti-globalization)


Jan Slakov

from http://www.iacenter.org/ 

Information Action Center
Founded by Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General

National March against War and Racism in Washington DC, Saturday,
September 29; Rally 12 noon at Lafayette 

Join a new anti-war coalition: 
International A.N.S.W.E.R. 
(Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) 

Please join us in signing this call 
for a new anti-war coalition: 

We join with people all over the world in condemning the horrific
killings of thousands of persons in the September 11th attacks on the
World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Our most heartfelt sympathies and
condolences are with those whose loved ones were lost or injured on
September 11, 2001. At this moment, we would all like to take time to
reflect, to grieve, to extend sympathy and condolences to all. But we
believe that we must do more. We must act now. 

We are assembling International A.N.S.W.E.R. to call for worldwide
rallies against war and racism.  On September 29, there will be a
national march and rally at the White House in Washington DC, as well
as marches on the West Coast of the U.S. and around the world.  We call
on all people of conscience and progressive organizations to take up
this call and organize rallies around the world. 

Unless we stop President Bush and NATO from carrying out a new, wider
war in the Middle East, the number of innocent victims will grow from
the thousands to the tens of thousands and possibly more. A new, wider
U.S. and NATO war in the Middle East can only lead to an escalating
cycle of violence. War is not the answer. 

We must also act against racism. Arab American and Muslim people in the
United States, in Europe and elsewhere, as well as other communities of
color, are facing racist attacks and harassment in their communities,
on their jobs and at mosques. Anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism is a
poison that should be repudiated. 

The U.S. government is attempting to curb civil liberties and to create
a climate in which it is impossible for progressive people to speak
their mind.  The Bush administration is attempting to take advantage of
this crisis to militarize U.S. society with a vast expansion of police
powers that is intended to severely restrict basic democratic rights. 

On September 29, tens of thousands of people had planned to demonstrate
against the Bush administration's reactionary foreign and domestic
policy and the IMF and World Bank.  In light of the current crisis,
with its tragic consequences for so many thousands of people, we have
refocused the call for our demonstration to address the immediate
danger posed by increased racism and the grave threat of a new war.  We
call on people to demonstrate around the world on that day. Now is the
time for all people of conscience, all people who oppose racism and war
to come together.  If you believe in civil liberties and oppose racism
and war, demonstrate on September 29 in front of the White House and
around the world.  October 12-13 will be International Days of Action
Against War and Racism.   We urge all organizations internationally to
join together at this critical time and take action. 

For more info or to endorse the above statement, go to 

Dear RN list,

Locally, friends are helping me to expand anti-war organizing in a way that
we invite more people to join us. I'm copying two draft texts, a press
release and a letter-to-the-editor below which may inspire others in their
local actions.

all the best, Jan
draft press release re: Digby vigil scheduled for Friday, Sept. 28:

Walking with our sisters and brothers

Can a terrible attack like that of September 11 help bring peace?

If that is our choice, yes. Many Canadians helped make peace real in the way
they welcomed stranded air passengers from around the world. As one
passenger explained, he had been headed for a holiday in New York, but found
himself in heaven instead!

If we want peace, what is our task, now that the stranded passengers have left?

Let us walk with our brothers and sisters, wherever they are. No one should
be left to live in fear.

Some Muslim Canadians (and Canadians from other ethnic backgrounds) have
been attacked or brought under suspicion as a result of the emotions
stemming from the bombing. Some are fearful to leave their homes.

In Afghanistan, people are leaving their homes, becoming refugees in a
country which apparently already has the highest proportion of refugees of
any country in the world.

The most sophistocated, expensive weapons on earth did not protect the U.S.
from the attack of September 11. Indeed, by diverting resources from
constructive work, war-making is the biggest threat to our future there is. 

To coincide with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly meeting in Ottawa, on Oct.
5-8, people from around the world (some only from afar) will participate in
a Festival of Nonviolence (Ottawa, Oct. 6).

Nonviolence, a force which has also been called many things, sometimes
simply love, is ultimately stronger than fear or hatred. We dare to hope
that humanity has evolved to a point where we can make this force more and
more real.

No one should be left alone in fear. And so, we are walking with our sisters
and brothers, wherever they are, whatever their station in society, their
appearance or their beliefs.

After the attacks, musician Jann Arden joined with others in holding a
benefit concert in Alberta. She said, essentially, that whoever was behind
those attacks wants us to hunker down in fear, to reduce our lives to a kind
of khaki-coloured existence. In going ahead with the benefit concert, in
daring to work towards a world without war, we are defusing the terrorists'

We invite all people of good will to find a way to walk with our brothers
and sisters, and get at the roots of violence, of racism and war.
Dear Editor,

The September 11 attack has, I believe, much to teach us about globalization.

The attack was directed against symbols of corporate globalization or US
imperialism: the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. It killed people from
more than a dozen countries and many faiths.

It is being blamed on Muslim extremists and some people seem willing to
believe that Muslim extremists have a monopoly on evil.

No way. The attack harmed people from around the globe and whoever is
responsible for it could have come from anywhere on earth. We cannot yet be
sure we know who is responsible.

We must not join in the war fervor. We'll never triumph over evil by heaping
even more evil on the world. Our task is to find ways to globalize the
things we hold most dear, things like democracy, the pursuit of health and
happiness, love.

Sincerely, Jan Slakov
Box 35, Weymouth, NS B0W 3T0
(902) 837-4980