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Grassroots International Protection for Palestinians (GIPP) 

December 26, 2001 
For Immediate Release 


[Erez]  Ninety foreign civilians traveling on a solidarity visit to 
Gaza were blocked entry by the Israeli military at Erez today, after 
being processed and given initial permission to enter.  The 
international group was comprised of American, Belgian, British, and 
French citizens. 

Protesting the Israeli Army decision not to let the group enter Gaza, 
where they were scheduled to tour Gaza City, Khan Younis and Rafah, 
including the refugee camps, and meet with Dr. Haidar Abdel Shafi, 
Director of the Red Crescent, one half of the group decided to walk 
through Erez. 

With hands up in the air the group proceeded to walk, but were met 
with a violent Israeli response.  Soldiers began firing shots and 
then descended upon the group, punching the men and body-slamming the 
women.  The internationals sat down to try to avoid injury, but to no 
avail.  All of the personal cameras in the group were confiscated and 
a number of cameras were broken.  Israeli soldiers also verbally 
threatened to shoot and kill all of the foreign civilians.  Members 
of the group were then dragged and forcefully thrown onto their tour 
bus.  Two French civilians were detained. 

"We were going to Gaza to support the Palestinian people, and to 
conduct a fact-finding mission so as to present more objective 
information to the media and to our fellow patriots at home.  We were 
also carrying with us humanitarian supplies for the people of Gaza.   
Expressing our right to freedom of movement, not just for ourselves, 
but also for the Palestinians who are kept caged in Gaza, we decided 
to cross the checkpoint in order to complete our visit.  All of a 
sudden, shots were fired directly over our heads and we were 
descended upon by soldiers, who were punching, pushing and throwing 
us to the ground.  We sat down to avoid their blows, but they kept 
hitting, kicking and pushing.  When the soldiers noticed that we were 
filming the attack, they took and broke our cameras and confiscated 
our film.  Finally, they started dragging us, one by one, and threw 
us on the bus, where we were kept under guard by Border Police.  Many 
of us sustained injuries, including cuts and bruises, and at least 
three people require medical attention." (Statement by the 
international group) 

The entire group will lodge formal complaints through their 
respective embassies. For more information, please contact Huwaida at 
052-642-709 or Samir 055-385-257. 

Christine Schweitzer * Scheteligsweg 2 * 22111 Hamburg 
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Subject: Thoughts on the current situation of Israel and Palestine
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 14:38:30 +0100

Dear friends of peace work,
I send you two texts, the first is from Sabine Lichtenfels, spiritual
teacher and co-founder of Tamera. She actually is, with a group of young
people from the Youth School for Global Learning, on a journey to
Jerusalem - they there will join peace activities organised from "women in
black" and others. The second is an appeal from the peace movement in
Israel. May these thoughts join with others and may peace prevail on earth!
With greetings
Barbara Kovats

Thoughts on the current situation of Israel and Palestine
Sabine Lichtenfels, Tamera/Portugal
Christmas 2001

Everyday countless innocent victims die. Every mother who watches her child
die suffers the same pain regardless what religion or skin colour she
belongs to. Everyday we see countless children die. They could be our
children. This insanity of killing must come to an end. An Israeli mother
cries the same tears for her son as a Palestinian mother, an American the
same as an Afghan. All over the world mothers see their sons go into a war
for purposes they no longer understand since they are the purposes of other
people and other powers. Is this insanity still the consequence of an
age-old war of religions, started by the patriarchy fighting the holy
sources of life?
The legend of the Old Testament tells us that it was God who forbade human
insight together with sexuality by driving humans from paradise. What kind
of dishevelled god man put at the height of creation! That was the beginning
of a cruel development. From then on men had to suppress other religions,
confiscate land and knowledge and destroy female sources. Priests had to
fight against sensuality, against the old knowledge of life, against body
culture and plant knowledge. They had to take the women's key - which they
needed for life themselves - by force. They had to demonise, torture and
hunt women in order to unfold their male power.
The earth can be owned by no one. Just as a woman can never be owned. The
earth will provide for those who are willing to cooperate. We women will
love those who protect and care for all life on earth. We came to love our
sons, our men and all life, not to destroy or hate any life.
Support a voice for peace which is recognised worldwide - stand up against a
system which considers the massacre of humans and animals normal. We can not
watch in silence when innocent beings in Chechnya, Afghanistan or Angola are
sacrificed for the interest of the global economy. We, also, cannot be
silent about the quiet genocide taking place under the eyes of the world in
Palestine. We have to accept that the Palestinian suicide assassinations
result from the desperation of having their land, their water, their olive
trees, their work and their housing stolen from them.
Have we ever looked into the faces of the ones who are dying now every day?
Or the faces of the ones who perform this killing in the name of a higher
cause? Are we aware that for the large part they are almost children who
hope for love, for a home, for true religion and for truth? Now they believe
the lies they were taught. Not terrorists but the existing systems of power
and manipulation make up the net of global violence. The terror
of individual assassins is a reaction to the terror of those systems.
Therefore we cannot leave it to governments and parties to end the violence;
they will not do it.
Those killing each other now could be friends. Originally they carried
within them the same life, the same love, the same longing for comfort and
faith as all of us. They were all cheated of these ideals. There will not be
peace on earth as long as we create enemies. Together we have to find ways
of leaving a system that persistently reproduces violence. All who agree to
this have to join forces for a powerful worldwide movement regardless of
political party,
religion or race. The globalisation of violence has to be answered by the
globalisation of peace. Let us begin with creating new self-sufficient
systems . villages of peace and hope. When young Israelis and Palestinians
begin this together it will be hard to target them; our brothers will no
longer know who to shoot.
The situation on this planet challenges us to develop self-sufficient
systems that offer an answer to human questions: the need for home, for
food, for beauty, for love and sexuality, for religion and meaning. It is
the global SOS to find ways of life which can generate true non-violence
through trust and truth, through the protection each individual can find in
community. Those who reconnect to the living being of the earth will feel
the hunger and the joy, the suffering and the bliss of plants, animals and
humans. New habitats shall be created for all of them together.
It is now time to rediscover the universal sources of healing and self
healing - the organism, both of the earth and the human being. As valuable
as breathing, community is part of a
fulfilled, healthy and organic life. The SOS call is the call for new
community. Never have we been so close to the urgent need of developing new
ways of life which satisfy our deepest primary longings and needs. Inner
peace is the key to peace in society. Part of that is protection and safety
in the community of humans, animals and plants. Everybody wants to trust and
be embedded into a meaningful life. The holy ghost and
the healing power flow along the pathways of trust. From there springs a
very different compassion and political action. Keywords for the new
lifestyle are: cooperation with nature instead of exploitation,
truth-telling in love, protection and caring for all life, reconnection with
the divine aspect of all things, bringing together spiritual and political
action, to step away from complicity and indifference towards the cruelty
occurring everyday in front of our eyes. Together, let us stop believing in
our helplessness. May we free the sources within us so that divine power and
knowledge of love can act again through us.
In the name of love, in the name of our children, in the name of all
creation -
Shalom and Salaam!
Sabine Lichtenfels, Christmas 2001

The following is an appeal that we are sending to you - from Palestine, and
we ask
that you distribute it as widely as possible -  wherever you think it might
be seen, and responded to. Local press, church magazines, schools, perhaps
as an advertisement in a newspaper... the message needs to get out, and for
this we need your help.
For more information please call Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi on 972 50 254218
With kind regards,
The Palestine Monitor

Appeal to the World

The situation in Palestine is verging on that of a humanitarian crisis. The
Palestinian population, 3.2 million people, is currently under the worst
siege in their entire history.

-- People are unable to move between Palestinian villages and towns, and
goods cannot be transported.
-- Large parts of many cities and villages are under 24 hour, or
dusk-to-dawn curfews; tanks and armoured personal carriers sit in the
streets, outside homes.
-- A shortage of supplies is being reported in some areas, including gas and
-- Sewage and garbage remains uncollected, presenting a public health
-- Vaccinations and primary health care systems are paralysed, and epidemics
are possible
-- Patients in need of kidney dialysis and cancer treatment cannot receive
it; in addition to this, 30 Palestinians have died after being denied access
to medical care, and numerous women have given birth at the Israeli military
-- Most universities and schools are not functioning.
-- More than 50% of the population is unemployed; furthermore many employed
people are unable to get to their places of work.
-- Heavily armed Israeli soldiers arbitrarily occupy civilians1 homes.
-- Israeli soldiers make armed raids into areas under Palestinian Authority,
shooting people in their homes, and arresting others.

Palestinians are being punished through a combination of occupation,
military aggression & siege.
During the past 14 months the Israeli army has killed 924 Palestinians and
25,000 others have been injured which is 1% of the population. 2,000 people
have become permanently disabled.

Without your actions the situation can only worsen. We call on you to
contact your representatives to prevent this humanitarian crisis from
becoming a disaster.

IGF - Institut für Globale Friedensarbeit (Institute for Global Peace Work),
Monte do Cerro, P-7630 Colos, www.tamera.org
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