rn: responses to “tooth fairy” message


Jan Slakov

Dear Renaissance Network,

I feel it is important to share Carol Brouillet's posting (next message) as
soon as possible so am sending it now. As you will see, it was written in
response to Richard's "tooth fairy" message. I agree with a professor who
wrote to us off list, that [Richard's] 'believe in the tooth fairy'
[posting] is particularly succinct and cogent.

Not everyone will agree completely with the "tooth fairy" message though.
One person wrote to me with another point of view but did not want to get
into a public argument with Richard. I feel one point of clarification is
worth sharing with the whole list though:

The fire in the German Reichstag was set by a disgruntled worker by the
name Van der Lubbe.

Apparently a widely respected German news magazine, _Der Spiegel_ published
some 20 years ago an article on the Reichstag fire entitled "Stehen Sie auf Herr
Van der Lubbe" which clarifies the facts.

I have to confess ignorance myself, although it would seem the Nazis made
full use of that fire for their own ends, and I think it is safe to say that
THAT situation definitely has a parallel now. (The Sept. 11 attack is being
used for the ends of corporate globalization.)

For me, it is really important to seek the truth, which involves looking
closely at who is responsible for what, and more importantly, which aspects
of our society and our own lives are responsible for what. But surely the
most important question we need to ask ourselves is how we can usefully
respond to the situation we find ourselves in now. I hope you will agree
that Carol Brouillet's message (next posting) helps answer that question.

all the best, Jan