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Long time readers may have noticed that postings have been
somewhat irregular over the past few months.  The fact is
that I went through a serious bout with depression... no
money, no income, girl friend split, and no Irish
citizenship.  Fortunately, things are now beginning to turn
around, and my head is getting straight again.  Citizenship
came through this week, and next week I've got a job
interview.  And I opened a PayPal account, so that people
will soon be able to send contributions for my work by
pressing a button on the website.

From now on, a lot of my energy will need to go into earning
a living, but there's always time for writing as well.  I
think the time has come to get something substantial out
there... most likely a book, although a screenplay is not
out of the question.  I'd like to share a couple responses
I've gotten recently to one of my articles, and then ask for
your feedback on possible writing projects.

best regards,

From: V
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: Escaping the Matrix
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 19:58:35 +0800


I would sincerely like to thank you for being alive. 
Escaping the Matrix is the best and clearest overview of our
current situation on this planet that I have read, and I
have been reading for a long time.  Well done.  I have
passed it on to my friends and would like to see it
everywhere, especially now (mid. Jan. 02). I feel you have
elevated my freedom with a quantum leap and clarified my

I am forever in your debt and send you blessings from down
under (Australia).

I am an X-U.S. patriot having left during the Vietnam War.

From: S
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Subject: Escaping the Matrix
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 23:27:04 -0500

What an incredible article!  I am circulating amongst dozens
of 'awake' people I know.  I find it inspiring, as I know
eventually the world population will take to the streets in
mass to turn things around.

I commit to working tireless for as long as it takes, to
make this happen.

"Good people cannot fathom the fact that evil people have no
Mississauga, Ontario

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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 17:32:46 EST
Subject: Re: 9-11
To: •••@••.•••


...I forget, what ever happened to your book 
plans?  Serialized in journals instead?


Dear Bill,

I sent a book proposal to several progressive publishers for
the text, "Achieving a Livable World"
(http://cyberjournal.org/cj/rkm/alpw/).  Some took the time
to read and discuss it, but in the end found it
unacceptable.  The problem, I believe, is that the scope of
my material is very broad, and the conclusions quite
radical.  Publishers want such a book to be especially
well-researched and referenced, but to do that would make
the book too big and dry for the general public.  At least
that's my take on it.  My goal is to present the big picture
as persuasively as possible, but not as an academic text. My
feeling at this point is that if I want to get something
into print, I should prepare it myself and then make a deal
with one of those outfits that publishes on demand, with a
percentage of each sale to the author.   The author gets to
keep the copyright, and the book gets listed on Amazon.com. 
Make sense?

But what to publish?  An existing text?  A compendium of
articles?  A compendium of list postings?  A rewrite of a

My most successful magazine article (see responses above)
has been "Escaping the Matrix"
(http://cyberjournal.org/cj/rkm/WE/jun00Matrix.shtml).  I
think this is the most cogent presentation of many of my
ideas, and perhaps the best thing to do would be to expand
this article, and update it to reflect the situation since

Besides the "Livable World" text, I've got these others,
each of which has something to be said for it.  But would
any of them be worth publishing as is?  They could of course
be used to provide source material for a book or pamphlet
based on the Matrix article:

  "Returning to Our Roots"
  "Globalization and the Revolutionary Imperative" 

Finally, many people have suggested that selections from the
list postings might be the most accessible and readable
approach.  In particular, some of the dialog threads, where
I respond to readers' comments, have been found by many to
be particularly useful.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - even better comments
after reviewing some of the above material.



Richard K Moore
Wexford, Ireland
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