rn:Carolyn Chute in hard times


Jan Slakov

Dear Renaissance Network,

I have yet to meet Carolyn Chute in person, but since we "met" because she
had contacted Richard back in 1998, we have kept in touch and our friendship
has deepened.

Today I got a rather sad letter which I will type up below. I will also type
up most of a letter she wrote on September 12; as you will see, she knew
what the WTC/Pentagon attack was all about right off the bat... In case you
feel moved to write to her, here is her address:
Carolyn Chute, 2nd Maine Militia, P.O. Box 100, Parsonsfield, Maine 04047
Dear friends, family, militia and supporters,

The 2nd Maine Militia secretary (me) is unable to write letters, drive or do
anything with the right hand.

Notice also that this typewriter is falling apart. No 'n's. The Lord giveth
and the Lord taketh (as they say).

Had two docs look at hand yesterday at clinic. (These are doctors who look
but don't _do_.) They said I have osteo-arthritis in both hands but mostly
right hand... and it is so bad in right hand that it has popped one finger
out of its socket.

That's why it is semi-paralyzed.

They recommend surgery with a hand specialist.

Surgery is indefinitely postponed until the State of Maine had Free Medical
for all.

Even if I win the election and the government gives the governor free med, I
say STUFF IT UP THE ASS. Until FREE MEDICAL FOR ALL, I have only one hand.

The docs say the X-rays and look of my hand and the way my hand won't _do_,
means I can't use it at ALL until surgery and they say NO CHEATING.

At the moment I am cheating a little as my left hand is SO DUMB. Right hand
hurts but it is ever so clever.

Michael is helping a lot with carrying kettles of hot water, fire wood and
driving. But cooking is out. If we rely on his cooking, we will have coffee
and toast. And crackers and peanut butter. A lot like what Afghanistan
farmers are eating only ours never turns out to be a trick packet, never
explodes. So far the American government isn't bombing Maine (just New York,
DC and Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and other targets laid out on their
maps for beginners.)

Mostly in Maine we just die of broken hearts and lack of Medical Insurance,
lack of community, lack of joy.

Well, I better stop typing. I'll copy this and send to everyone to let you
know why I've been quiet.

Oh, one more thing, even if my hand worked, my writing career is over as the
REVIEWING MACHINE says no more Chute books unless "she" (Carolyn) makes
working class people into "goobers" and "incesters".

They were a little confused with Beans [Carolyn's first novel, I think] and
thought I was making fun of my people and so they LOVED that book. All
except Bertha Harris of the New York Times. She was suspicious. She said she
smelled a traitor. She saw that I wasn't wishin' to be a professional class
"Liberal" which is done by STROKING them and calling my own people trash and
goobers and ramshackle shack dwellers and all those cliches people use to
stroke the bougeorgisie.

If I went into writing rock music, movies or westerns, I could write about
my people in a sympathetic way but not in the complex way that my head
works. I write about REAL and that pisses off the bourgeorguisie (pardon my

All that's left for me is to be a one-armed Governor. If I don,t win, I am
going to apply for Disability and then write novels to leave for when I am
dead. It would be safe for the bourgers (abbriviated) to read a few books
generations later. And maybe they will think my books are okay.

No doubt I'll not do many more since I'm unable to type more than 10 words a
minute... and then have to rest after half a page. But whatever happens,
happens. We take it as it comes. I am tired of bitchin'.

Over and out. (3 hearts)

your humble secretary, friend, relative, neighbor and whatever. (happy face)

January 11, 2002

[in box:] United on our Knees
          in the USA police
September 12, 2001

Dear Citizens:

        Over the past few weeks in interviews I've given and in my letters
and flyers etc., I have been stressing the dangers of the Empire, of its
provoking terrorism on innocent American people... and I have wondered if
people have thought I was nuts.

        Of course _some_ people knew it was true. Robert Bowman in his
lectures warns of provoked terrorism. (He's the ex-director of Star Wars.)

        Steve Kelley, the radio man and no-wing militiaman speaks and writes
eloquently of the need to withdraw USA foreign policy, as time is running
out for us, as those suffering from American atrocities were running out of

        Thomas Naylor, the economist and Duke U. Prof. _constantly_ has
predicted that USA EMPIRE was going to bring devastation to us all, its old
Rome-like, Pharoah-like hedonistic smashing of lives all over the planet for
the sake of POWER, was going to come back on itself.

        And of course, many others have seen it coming.

        The USA government itself has been preparing for the Emergency for
several years now, _knowing_ that USA Imperialism was going to cause an
eventual retaliation from those not willing to take the American monster
lying down.

        President Bush, about a week before the September 11 "Act of War",
told the press that "when we have a war, the priorities will change". Of
course, USA is constantly in a war... many wars...so...uh...err...what war
did he mean? Is he psychic or something? Naw, methinks he knew it was due,
that the USA people were going to pay for the games of the rich. Either that
or he was working _with_ the terrorists... naw, of course not...he wouldn't
do that. Would he? Just to prop up Wall Street? Nawww...he's too nice.

        Whatever, he and Clinton and Big Bush before him, and those before
them, and all their "advisors" have given us this act of terror and grief
and unspeakable other things. Further loss of freedoms, too, no doubt. Also
erasing the momentum of movements by citizens trying to assert their
citizenship in the name of humanity and the decimation of Social Security
and whatever else the Big Boys can steal from us to prop up their system.

        This is the reason many of us are pushing for a SERIOUS discussion
on States' Secession. To break the Empire.

        We  have been a ccused of being selfish, pushing the burden of the
poor onto other states. 
        Come again?

        Maine is the poorest state in the union. We take turns with
Mississipi. As I have been running for governor, one of my planks has been
to push for secession, NOT to hoard our wealth. _We_ don't have wealth. A
few HUGE big corporations from out of state and Canada use our cheap labor
and take our resources, pay hardly any taxes, and HOARD... and on top of

        And then us poor folks PAYYYYY huge income taxes. We have a lot of
elderly in Maine. Our present governor tried to get a bill passed to tax
these SS checks, rather then tax the rich. Afterall, _all_ he has to tax are
the old _or_ the rich. The hemp retailers are undercover, so they are not
taxed. And let's see, what's left? Dogs and cats?

        Anyway, the Feds tax and tax and tax and OVER HALF OF the tax money
they drain from us goes to _corporate_ welfare!!!!!! Much of that is war
companies. In other words Imperialism. The USA government, owned by
multi-nationals, needs MORE GROWTH, needs MORE resources, MORE slaves, MORE

        Do you think us secessionists are selfish to want that to STOP????

        Think of it? Maine is not an enemy of the world. Is Sweden? Is
switzerland? Countries which allow and help their people to thrive and
bother no one else don't get TERRORIST ACTS ON THEM.

        Sometimes their taxes are almost as high as ours, but the money is
used for the citizens... long vactaions, free medical, free education, etc.
etc. In Switzerland everyone has a gun, but crime is low, just like Maine,
but even lower. They don't have a War on Drugs. Prohibitions _cause_
violence and corruption and crime. You know, the more things you make a
crime, the more crime you get. Right?

        Not to say life is PERFECT anywhere, but what is taking place in the
USA right now SUCKS.

        Terrorism is going to escalate, (The outside foreign kind) until the
EMPIRE is left to wither by states who want OUT.

        Protest demonstrations, "free speech" in letters and such, and
voting have not worked. Have you noticed?

        Again, you cut the feeding tubes, the Empire withers. 

        Some people have expressed fear that as a wee country we'd be prey
to big countries. Maybe. But right now ther are no maybe's. We are prey to
DC. And since yesterday (Sept. 11) we are sitting ducks to all DC's enemies.
How much more danger and preyed-upon-ness do you mean?

        And now... in a state of war, the DC hand will reach _deep_ into
what's left of our hard-earned money to fill the purses of the likes of
Brown and Root and other War companies. I heard the stock market was melting
into a smelly little puddle because we folks weren't shopping enough. We
were shopping PLENTY... for food, bank payments, and shoes... pretty basic,
eh? We couldn't go into DEBT any worse, and so the _EMPTY_ BUCK STOPPED THERE.

        So now we get SOCIALISM... not the kind that gives us free medical
and nice fire fighters and cow inspectors and such. No ho ho. It will STEAL
from us (OUR GROCERY MONEY) to put into WAR. And it will pump everyone up to
think we are doing the right thing. 

        YES, the terrorists were bad. But are the provokers virtuous?

        Between you and me, I fear for us all, but I especially fear for
those already poor. How much lower can they go without being cannon fodder
or electric chair fodder or street litter or prison stuffing or just plain
lonely suicide?

        I am running for governor in th old American tradition of novelists
to run, knowing we'll never be elected, but can add something more
"statesmanlike" to the discussion than empty sound bytes and business as usual.

        I also offer myself as someone you can vote for if you weren't going
to vote at all. Don't stay home. Vote for Carolyn Chute (CH as in Chickadee)
if you don't have a choice. I'll be a write-in. I have no money to pay my
way onto the ballot.

        And even when I lose, I hope you'll invite me sometime to your bean
suppers and gun clubs and churches and other clubs to talk about our future,
hopefully a no "wing" future (no left or right) and experience what the
little women's group here in Maine calls themselves, (itself) The Great
Awakening of the People. I like that little phrase. It sounds like a plan
for survival.

                Yours for an Independent and Thriving Maine, 
                        (and a Thriving Elsewhere)

                                Carolyn Chute
P.S. I have heard a few hardballers say sincerely, "All is fair in love,
war, and free enterprise." As a wife, mother, neighbor, citizen and
no-winger, I find tht value-system to be _disgusting_... and, yuh, dangerous.

PO Parsonsfield Maine 04047