Announcing – new cyberjournal website


Richard Moore


Sorry for the list silence.  I was putting together a new cj website.  The home 
page is simpler and smaller, and the list archives are now automated.  Whenever 
a posting goes out, it automatically gets seen by the archive (with perhaps some
delay interval).

Postings before 1998 are not currently available, but I'll add those all in a 
batch one of these days.  Those were from the days before the ezmlm listserv and
they need to be transformed into the ezmlm format.

The Zen book is very close to going to printing.  If you want a copy of the 
first edition, send a check for $15.00 or 14 Euro made out to "Quay Largo 
Productions" to:

        Richard Moore
        Quay Largo, Selskar St.
        Wexford, IRELAND

PO Box 26 has been closed and mail to that address gets returned to sender.

Soon I'll put a PayPal button on the website to make ordering 


Tomorrow I'll set aside some time and send out something more substantive.