Announcing: Quay Largo Productions

2002-07-16 Richard Moore Friends, Quay Largo Productions is pleased to announce its new website, offering the official on-line version of Nasrudin’s new book, “The Zen of Global Transformation”. The URL is: The book version is going into first printing this month and I think the price is going to be about $15.00, including postage. … Read more

Readers’ comments…

2002-07-13 Richard Moore Bcc: contributors Friends, Please accept my apologies for delaying the posting of your recent comments. The first item below offers a bit of dialog about how the word ‘democracy’ is used, and misused. Following that are responses to the Zen quest story, posted without comment. all the best, rkm ============================================================================ From: … Read more

The Zen of Global Transformation

2002-06-29 Richard Moore Bcc: some folks ============================================================================ The Zen of Global Transformation rkm 6/02 s Seeker: “How can I find the path?” Teacher: “Learn to walk, and the path will find you.” “The needed change will come from people with changed minds, not from people with new programs.” – Daniel Quinn, ‘The Story of B’ … Read more

re: rkm ruminations…

2002-06-19 Richard Moore Bcc: contributors ============================================================================ From: Paul Isaacs <•••@••.•••> To: “Richard K. Moore” <•••@••.•••> Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2002 00:11:35 -0500 Subject: Re: rkm ruminations… rkm > I need some inputs about what we should be doing on this list… Let’s do something more creative. Suggestions welcome. Richard, We all know that a teeter-totter … Read more

Re: Chossudovsky: Welcome to World War III

2002-06-08 Richard Moore Website: Bcc: contributors ============================================================================ Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 16:27:44 -0400 To: “Richard K. Moore” <•••@••.•••> From: Michel Chossudovsky Subject: Re: Chossudovsky: Welcome to World War III rkm > Our featured article is by an author I hold in the highest respect, Michel Chossudovsky. Perhaps a few comments at the end… … Read more

re: query about spam…

2002-06-06 Richard Moore Friends, Thirty people sent in responses, which I believe is a new record number of responses to any query. Interesting. Most of these have experienced similar spam, and pointed out that the villain is the ‘klez worm’. Klez attaches itself to a system, and then sends out spurious messages giving a ‘From … Read more

query about spam…

2002-06-05 Richard Moore Friends, Several people have received messages which appeared to be from the cj or rn list, but which were not. Please let me know if you received ‘postings’ recently other than these: 25 May 2002 Subject: rkm ruminations… 26 May 2002 Subject: something for Memorial Day… 30 May 2002 Subject: Chossudovsky: Welcome … Read more

Dialog with X re: Palestinian problem

2002-06-01 Richard Moore Bcc: X Friends, Thanks for all the comments sent in to recent postings. I’ll send those out soon. In the meantime I’d like to share some more dialog with X, who was featured in the “ruminations” piece. rkm —————————————————————————- X> … How can the two sides reverse direction and start looking … Read more