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Richard Moore

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Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 12:16:08 +0100

Dear Richard,

Hope this message finds you well.

I very much share the views put by both yourself and by
Paul Bottis. They very much reminded me of the
relevance of the Spiral Dynamics theory of Clare Graves
and Don Beck as well as
of Ken Wilber's work
including his "Twenty Tenets of Evolution" which you
may be familiar with. It also reminds me of the Alice
Bailey quote I put in my own book:

"Unity and right human relations - individual,
communal, national and international - can be brought
about by the united action of the men and women of
goodwill in every country. These men and women of
goodwill must be found and organized and thus discover
their numerical potency - for it is there. They must
form a world group, standing for right human relations
and educating the public in the nature and power of
goodwill. They will thus create a world public opinion
which will be so forceful and so outspoken on the side
of human welfare that leaders, statesmen, politicians,
businessmen and churchmen will be forced to listen and

My belief is that we are dealing here, not merely with
a "major transformation of society" but with what
evolutionary biologists recognise as a major
'bifurcation' or evolutionary leap: the emergence -
hopefully! - of a new higher level of cooperation of
the human species; nothing less than humanity's
transition to its evolutionary species maturity which
will, if successful, result in its survival on planet
Earth. The well-known evolutionary biologist Elisabet
Sahtouris's article "Globalization as an Evolutionary
Leap" deals with this very issue and might be worth a

I can post it to you if you wish.
all the best

John Bunzl - Director
International Simultaneous Policy Organisation
Simultaneous Policy: Taking back the world


Dear John,

Thanks for your message.  Please do send me the Sahtouris article.

best regards,

Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 02:57:17 -0700
Subject: Re: Tx> Dismantling the Infrastructure of Tyranny
From: RADICAL PRESS <•••@••.•••>
To: "Richard K. Moore" <•••@••.•••>

Dear Richard,

My apologies for the tardy nature of this reply. Since
sending out the article which you in turn so kindly
(and bravely, I might add) ran, I've received a rather
impressive deluge of replies from near and far. So much
so that I've been hard pressed to reply to them all. One
notable point is that the vast majority of the
responses are positive and receptive of the main idea I
was trying to get across.

As it is 2:44 am after a very long day I won't begin at
this point to comment on some of the things you said. I
only wanted to thank you for having the courage to run
the piece. I think, the present standards being set by
Bush & Co. are much more "radical" if you will than my
plaintive cry from the wilderness for action.

I've been reading a small booklet of H.G.Wells called
"The Rights of Man". It was printed in the early years
of WWII and is a deja vu of what I am saying. Have you
come across it? I'll type up some examples of what I
mean. It may not have reappeared after the war.

More later and thanks again,

Arthur Topham

PS I published your Matrix article back in Feb. of 2002
in The Radical.


Dear Arthur,

Thanks, I'd be interested in excerpts from Wells.

I got an interesting comment from an activist friend
who read your article.  From his perspective, he said
your article didn't have a lot of content... mostly
saying "a line has been crossed, and I am angry".  I
don't agree with that, but in another sense, it is
precisely those points that make your article
important.  What we need right now is for millions of
people to realize that an historical line has been
crossed and we need to all be angry in a new, deeper,
more committed way.  For those who have already come to
that decision, you may not have added much new
material.  But for those who still are on the fence,
your words can be very helpful.  Thanks for that.

best regards,

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