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Richard Moore


In my previous posting, I asked you for your ideas about what you'd like
to see on this list, and a few responded (below).

Sorry for the big gap since that last posting.  My email bandwidth has
been used up dialoging with the folks I met on the West Coast. Many
creative threads got started on that tour and we've been following up on
them.  Over the next few days I'll report on some of those threads. In
addition, I want to post something about the "terrorist" event in Spain,
the USA election, and some other current issues. Stay tuned.

all the best,

btw> if you get strange emails that say they're coming from a cyberjournal
source, don't believe them. I've noticed that spam is getting more clever and
sometimes claims to be from someone you know.  If it doesn't make sense,
it isn't from me.  (:>)

From: Diamantis
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Subject: like to hear from you folks....How can this list be useful to
              you? - RE: Back in Ireland: rkm report
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 23:20:33 -0500

Dear Richard

In answer to your question, your e-mails are as informative & as
eye-opening, as one could ask. What use one puts them to, is another
matter for each recipient's individual discretion.

Naturally, real democracy, has a spiritual element in it, for it is an
ancient (classical Greek) LOCAL social structure, that allows people to
relate to each other with maximum FREEDOM. Of course we don't have such
a structure anywhere in the world today, apart from in Switzerland.

ANY politico-economic-social framework, MUST allow maximum freedom for
the individual to flourish, or else, in spite of the risks, it will
stifle, nay smother the spirit of freedom that is essential to human
creativity, prosperity & happiness.

I would say that as information becomes more widely available to the
general world population, it is becoming increasingly apparent to more &
more world citizens, that large national & even more so, supra-national
governments, take on a life of their own, that is ipso facto, not
'DYMO'=the people, 'CRATIC'=rule (from KRASI) - ie not local - but quite
UNdemocratic, against the interests of the individual citizen & quite

For humanity to survive, we NEED to apply at every level another ancient
& idealistic but scoffed-at principle. We need to LOVE each other, ie to
maintain in practice, at the very least a constant, philanthropic
interest & concern for the vast majority of the worlds'a population, that
exists barely above subsistence level. 

With respect, yours sincerely -

Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 09:28:21 -0500
From: Philip & CarolSue Borkholder
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Subject: Re: Back in Ireland: rkm report

Hi Richard,

Glad to hear your trip was enjoyable.

I've been lurking on your list for some years now and I'm trying to dig
up an article I thought I saw posted your list in 2001 or early 2002.
(Before Iraq was invaded)

It was a futuristic story written about Iraq and the world somewhere in
2050 or something like that. It talked about how the US had stuck too
long with the dependency on oil for energy and then "lossed out" on the
future of energy once the oil supplies dried up. It talked about Iraq
being the focal point of alternative energy etc...

Was this on your list? It was a very creative piece of writing. If so,
could I be directed to it again? I wanted to save a copy this time.

Thanks for everything you do,
Take care and give care.

Philip Borkholder
Vicksburg, MI


Philip - I don't recall that one, sorry - rkm

Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 11:17:41 -0500
From: Tom Healy 
Organization: apple press inc.
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Subject: Re: Back in Ireland: rkm report


Since you asked to hear from us, I've attached a copy of a story I wrote for a
local Peace Journal about the Procott group's first "PlayShop." Simply, procott
is the opposite of boycott but you'll have to read the whole thing.

Beyond acting as a consumer movement, procotting ties into your interest in
facilitation technology. I hope you can use the list to provide links and
contacts for all types of facilitation technology that avoid "power over"
relationships and stimulate "power with" interactions. It would be helpful for
us in the Peace & Social Justice Movements to put these practices to good use.

Thanks for asking!

IN Peace,
-Tom Healy



Oops!  I deleted your document!  As regards contacts for facilitation 
please see Tom Atlee's site:

Also, soon I'll be launching a facilitation experiment on this list!


From: "Christapher C. Cogswell"
To: <•••@••.•••>
Subject: RE: Back in Ireland: rkm report
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 09:40:35 -0800

Hi Richard,

Sorry to have missed you!  My girlfriend saved your message on my cell phone
and never mentioned that so I didn't discover it til yesterday.  Anyway I
hope you had a great time on your journey.  Sounds productive.  Would love
to hear more about the DF work and citizen councils and how it might help us
all break the spell of the media and move from reaction to proactivity....

What part of the UK are you in by the way?  May come out that way this year
on business and would love to know if there will be allies along my path....

Thanks,  Christapher


Dear Christopher,

Too bad about the phone message!  

I'm in Ireland!  Southeast corner: Wexford.