follow-up, re: Liberation of Baghdad


Richard Moore


The "Liberation of Baghdad" posting was very interesting, if
it indeed was inside strategic information from the Iraqi
resistance. This next piece, following on the same date, from
the Washington Post, confirms that the resistance is operating
with a new level of organization that "resembled those once
employed by the Iraqi army". What puzzles me about the modern
age is that we can track much of the current intelligence info,
which in cold war days would have been unthinkable. And it
makes no difference. Things go on inside the matrix as usual.


Iraq: Pace of Combat 'Frantic'

 Adversary's Tactics Leave Troops Surprised, Exhausted
 By Scott Wilson
 Washington Post

 Friday 25 June 2004

Baqubah - The 1st Infantry Division soldiers who walked off
the battlefield Thursday, exhausted by the frantic pace of
combat and a baking summer sun, had seen nothing like it in
their three months here.

In dawn-to-dusk fighting, more than 100 armed insurgents
overran neighborhoods and occupied downtown buildings, using
techniques that U.S. commanders said resembled those once
employed by the Iraqi army. Well-equipped and highly
coordinated, the insurgents demonstrated a new level of
strength and tactical skill that alarmed the soldiers facing
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