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I have a lot of material queued up related to the
Washington-Israel connection. I tend to avoid that topic. It
is not central to my work, the anti-Semite trigger is very
volatile, and I don't want to unnecessarily alienate readers.
But with the close connection between the Likud party and the
White House neocons, it is difficult to totally ignore this
elephant in the kitchen.

This particular article seems to be both useful and
non-provocative, which is not easy, given the realities of the
situation. I am thinking of publishing some of the harder
stuff on the newslog list, so be warned. And I should point
out that I don't agree with everything forwarded to these
lists. I choose things because I believe they include useful
information, and I expect all you adults to apply your own
judgement to glean the wheat from  the chaff.

You may recall our earlier thread about a possible military
coup against the neocons (beginning with:'811'&lists='
cj'). I still don't know if this coup is real or not.
Certainly nothing noticeably dramatic has happened that has
"coup" written all over it.

Nonetheless there are continuing positive signs (positive in
the sense of 'it is likely', rather than 'it is a good
thing'). I posted an article by Greider, where he noted signs
of a top-level rebellion, and I've seen similar observations
by other writers. And despite the whitewash by the official
9-11 commission, there are several other investigations
underway that show promise of going all the way to the top.
The torture investigation continues to move upward, for
example. The FBI investigation into the Israeli connection
seems to be another example.

Given the administration's penchant for aggressive and
unprincipled action, one can only wonder why these kind of
investigations have not been squashed--as were investigations
into Al Qaeda operatives preceding 9/11. It seems likely that
the investigations are being protected by parties in very high

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September 5, 2004 
Toronto Sun

By Eric Margolis 
Contributing Foreign Editor

The dots in Washington are connecting. It's not a pretty

Last week the results of a controversial two-year FBI
investigation were leaked to the media.

The story is potentially a huge scandal and may indicate a
furious power struggle between neocon supporters of Israel's
far right Likud Party, who dominated the Pentagon and National
Security Council, and the CIA and the state department.

The FBI is focusing on the Pentagon's policy department, a
mini state department within defence that plays a key role in
U.S. Mideast policy. It is headed by a neocon activist,
defence undersecretary Douglas Feith, who has longtime links
to Likud.

The Pentagon's chief Iran analyst, Larry Franklin, who works
for Feith's deputy, William Luti, is under FBI investigation
for allegedly passing top secret presidential policy papers on
Iran to two senior members of the American Israel Public
Affairs Committee (AIPAC). AIPAC, one of Washington's most
powerful lobbies, allegedly passed them to Israel's spy
service. Israel is alarmed by Iran's nuclear developments.

AIPAC and Israel deny spying. The Pentagon says that Franklin
is the only member of the department suspected of wrongdoing.
Israel insists it ceased espionage in the U.S. after its
agent, Jonathan Pollard, was jailed in 1987. Pollard's
controller in the U.S. government, known to the FBI as "Mr.
X," has never been caught.

Still, the current investigation is one indication of growing
concerns that U.S. national security and foreign policy have
been gravely compromised, or even hijacked, by a small but
powerful group of Bush administration neocons. The concern is
that this group, with the aid of Vice-President Dick Cheney,
helped to engineer the Iraq war at least in part to destroy an
enemy of Israel.

While only Franklin is under investigation, he works for
Feith's office. Feith reports to deputy defence secretary Paul
Wolfowitz, another strong supporter of Israel.

Cheney and Wolfowitz were among the prime architects of the
Iraq war.

In 1996, Feith and neocon Israel supporter Richard Perle were
among the authors of the policy plan, "A Clean Break," for
Israel's then Likud prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu,
calling for Greater Israel. As well, it called for a much more
aggressive policy on Iraq and Syria and for ending peace talks
with the Palestinians.

Feith ran the Pentagon's Office for Special Plans (OSP), which
relied for much of its information about Iraq on the likes of
the notorious Ahmad Chalabi.

Feith, Wolfowitz and Perle were key backers of Chalabi, a
convicted swindler, planning to make him a key leader of Iraq.
Chalabi's carefully crafted falsehoods and exaggerations about
Iraq provided the White House with much of its pretext for

The rock just turned over by the FBI also reveals other
familiar denizens. Welcome back Iranian con-man and arms
dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar, a key figure in the 1980s
Iran-Contra scandal that nearly brought down the Reagan

And according to a Washington Monthly investigation, two other
prominent Washington neocons met secretly in Europe with
Ghorbanifar, the chief of Italy's military intelligence
service, SISMI, and Lebanese rightists to discuss various
issues related to the Mideast. SISMI was also involved in the
Iraq-Niger uranium hoax.

The current controversy raises the question of whether neocon
attempts to blame the disaster they created in Iraq on the
CIA, to blame 9/11 on the FBI's faulty intelligence, along
with three decades of spying investigations squelched for
political reasons, could have caused the security agencies to
go after what a CIA veteran terms "Washington's fifth column."

The growing scandal over the U.S. possibly being misled into a
war by neocons and various supporters of Israel is proving a
field day for anti-Semites, as this writer long warned it

Many feel these neocon ideologues arrogated to themselves the
right to decide what was good for Israel and the Jewish
people, even though many American Jews opposed war against

In my view, what the neocon ideologues and their media allies
have done is to inflame anti-Semitism, encourage anti-U.S.
terrorism, and destabilize the entire Mideast.

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