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Richard Moore

From: "Lynette Watters" 
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Subject: RE: some thoughts
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 21:43:16 +1100

Hello Richard

Please don't feel disappointed by the lack of feedback. I would think that
the lack of it means that what you have posted is quite good in most
people's opinions!

I personally am looking forward to the completion and publication of your


Dear Lynette,

Thanks for your note. Perhaps you're right, that I can take
the 'silent majority' as a good sign. Nonetheless, I would
welcome some discussion of the ideas about how a harmonization
movement might develop, and how a decentralized society might
operate. Lots of folks would see that stuff as being out in
la-la land. I had to go out on some speculative limbs in
developing that material, and I wasn't expecting everyone to
find them that convincing.

When I get a PDF version of the whole text ready for review,
then I'll be glad some folks have reserved some of their
critique energy. Feedback will probably be easier and more
useful in the context of a complete work.

thanks again,

Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 21:59:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Leo Klausmann 
Subject: Re: rkm: some thoughts
To: •••@••.•••

richard, your analysis of the implications of the 911
plan match mine exactly. Two reasons why most people
who do not believe the official fabrication won't
realize what this implies are that many never learned
to reason for themselves and also that such a belief
would destroy all sense of loyalty and pride in the
usa. Its done that for me but I am young enough to
roll with the blow. As for tuesday, I doubt there'll be
a coup cuz of our dear friend Diebold. Any non bush
vote will be altered as needed.


Dear Leo,

The coup of which I speak would be a counter-coup against
Bush. Bush already accomplished his coup four years ago. If he
steals this election too, and everyone is aware of it, we
might see a 'friendly' military coup aimed at restoring
democracy, exposing the truths of 9/11 & Iraq, etc. Probably
not the most likely possible future, but not impossible
either. Another trigger for such a counter-coup might be a war
with Iran that threatens to escalate.

'Reasoning for oneself' seems to be one of the scarcest
commodities in our culture. Everyone can do it if they're
presented with a defined problem, like in a university exam.
Or people can follow someone else's reasoning, as they do when
they read Michael Moore or a popular science book. The whole
culture encourages a 'consumerist' attitude toward thinking,
but the 'education' system is obviously the major culprit. It
tells us that 'truth' is 'out there', and our job is to drink
down as much of it as we can consume. The only place we're
asked to think for ourselves is when we write essays in
English class, and then the ideas aren't to be taken too
seriously, it's their expression that counts. History,
economics, and politics are presented in an intentionally
boring way so that people will lose interest, and write them
off as being too complex to worry about. And then there's the
whole mystique of 'expertise'. We are taught that the world is
so complex that it can only be understood in bits, one field
of expertise for each bit. How dare any of us try to think
about the whole gestalt! What hubris! Perhaps the greatest
contribution of Michael Moore is that he doesn't look like an
expert, he looks like one of us. And there he is on camera,
asking questions, thinking for himself out loud, and getting
to the bottom of things.


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 13:46:10 -0800 (PST)
From: Steven Wynn
Subject: Re: rkm: some thoughts
To: •••@••.•••

Hello Richard:
My reply will be short but I just want to tell you that I have
been reading most of you have written and that I find that
material worthy of serious considerations. You have done a
great job of summarizing the important facts needed for a
better understanding of the world we are currently living in.
I wish you the best of luck I hope that such a book will be
widely read all over the world and I also hope that the
younger people will show an interest as the knowledge
potentially gained for your book could shape their vision and
thus create a better future for humanity. Thank you

If you ever come to Japan, please let me know, we could
discuss the effect of Asia on the world as we know it as well
as on our stomachs!

Thank you and best of luck.
Steven, Japan


Dear Steven,

Thanks for your encouraging words.  I also hope the book gets
wide circulation. It will be on Amazon, and available to
bookstores, but I don't expect promotional help from the
publisher I'll be using. We'll need to do some kind of online
promotion. Perhaps we could populate Amazon with links to the
book from related popular books (like Michael Moore's), "If
you liked this book, then you'll also want to read...".  And
hopefully some folks would write some tantalizing reviews and
put them on Amazon.

Even if the book doesn't sell well at first, it might still
accomplish it's primary objective. That objective, as you
might guess, is to encourage the emergence of some kind of
harmonization movement, hopefully focused around community
empowerment. Such a movement might not be along the same lines
I've suggested in the material, but I have a feeling that if
any kind of harmonization movement gets started, the natural
dynamics of the process will guide the movement in an
appropriate direction. In terms of this primary objective, the
main target audience would be activists and the facilitator /
co-intelligence community, in the hopes of inspiring some
critical mass of them to experiment with the kinds of
initiatives I've described.

If no such movement gets started, then the book has failed in its
mission. Hopefully it would still be useful as a red pill, vis
a vis the Matrix. If a movement does get started, presumably
partly catalyzed by the book, then I believe the movement and
the book would become mutually self-promoting. If the book
were to be perceived as a kind of guidebook for the movement,
then the growth of the movement would spark interest in the
book, and the book would at the same time serve as promotional
material for the movement. If the book caught on as a trendy
thing to read, then that could be very beneficial to the
expansion of the movement.

I consider the current title to be tentative. It's descriptive
but not very appealing. In light of the previous paragraph,
perhaps some title with 'guidebook' in it would be
appropriate, something like "Global Transformation - A
Guidebook". Or perhaps, "Harmonization and Global
Transformation--a Users Guide".  I've also considered,
"A Message to We the People". Ideas welcome.

Japan? Seems very far away. Perhaps someday.


From: Tony Oí Reilly 
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: Re: rkm: some thoughts
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 22:08:09 +0000


How are you, hope all is well?

Your days as a movie star over for now?

Just got to read the latest chapter once, yesterday, and
hoping to go over it again tomorrow. Enjoyed it.

Maybe one reason you aren't getting massive responses is that
the chapters are well put together, and people need more time
to study them before offering replies etc.

I suppose we all want to have our say, and the fact that your
'say' is so well put together... i for one am merely left
applauding your efforts - I wouldn't dream of trying to
'improve' your efforts.

A running theme of the book is that 'we the people' have to
get involved and fix this world for ourselves. Those of us
that know you know that you are not claiming in any way to
have the final solution to our problems, so we do not feel the
need to 'argue' with you.

Take the lack of feedback as a good sign... we are with you.

Personally, I am so looking forward to the completion of the
book, seeing it in print, and buying a few copies to show/
send to other people.

You are the right person at the right time to write this book
- you've absorbed all the feedback you've received down the
years,  and it shows in your work.

Hope you didn't suffer too much in the floods in Wexford last

Hope Kerry wins the election. I'm so wearied and pained by
Bush and the deadly neocon nutters that a new liar on the
block would be refreshing.

My dream would be that people might see after four years of
Kerry  that both parties are the same really.... and more
people might become interested in real democracy. Wishful
thinking I suppose.

Anyway, the election is a distraction really, to the challenge
of making a new world.

I have been inspired by the Harmonization chapters to again
look at trying to start a local community group in

It might happen soon. I think I started thinking this way a
year ago, but now I know more ... I am better prepared.

Keep up the brilliant work and take care,

If there was anything I could do to help with the book, I'd be
glad to pay a visit to Wexford in a few weeks time, but I'm no
editor myself........!




As usual, nice to hear from you. Your comments make good
sense. I'll quit worrying about feedback and keep my nose to
the grindstone. The problem with waiting for 'four years of
Kerry' is that the public seems to have no memory. They only
remember what was on Fox the previous day. The flood only
reached the stoop, but I had to don my welly's to get out the
door.  The film is called "The Honeymooners".



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