rkm: I’d like to get more subscribers…


Richard Moore


Consider these two messages, received in the last day or two.
I get these kind of messages frequently. But our subscriber
list remains at the same level. I think it would be good to
somehow recruit more subscribers. 

If you know anyone who would be interested in the list's
material, you might consider forwarding this message
along, with your own introduction.


    Subject: RE: EU & Russia
     Just to say how much I enjoy your writing. It's always clear,
     easily understood and actually refreshing to read, despite
     the sombre nature of much of the content (could it be, now,
     that a touch of the Blarney has rubbed off on you, or are you
     and the Emerald Isle just meant for one another?)  The
     content is good, but making it easily digestible is not easy,
     but you do it for me.  Thank you.
           Did you see that the two Davids of MediaLens have produced a
     book 'Guardians of Power - The Myth of the Liberal Media'. 
     I've attached their sales pitch in case you're interested and
     haven't seen it already.
    Tony Troughton-Smith
    Subject: Re: newslog postings : 04 Oct - 07 Oct
        Richard, Great stuff!
    Think of the exponential distribution your network 
    must achieve.



"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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