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I'm Jim Bell and I've just published a new book on my web site
and it's free to the world to read on line or to print out. To
read or print, go to, click on Jim's
New Book, then click here in the box under the books title,

"Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future On Our Planet"
The San Diego/Tijuana Region
A Case Study.

Basically, the book is an economic prosperity and security
plan for the San Diego/Tijuana Region based on the economic
and security benefits of making the region renewable energy,
water and food self-sufficient - focusing initially on
becoming renewable energy sell-sufficient.

As a case study, the book walks the reader through a
fact-finding and decision making process that can be applied
to create a prosperous life-support sustaining economy and way
of life anywhere on our planet.

On a deeper level, the book is about people working together
to insure that our descendents are born into a healthy,
secure, prosperous, and life-support sustaining world.

Please give it a read and let me know what you think and feel.
If you feel I'm on the right track, let other's know about the
free book offer.

For people who don't have access to a computer and some people
who have a dial-up internet connection, it may be difficult to
down load the book or print it out. If you still want to get a
book, you can get a printed version of it by sending $6 for
postage and handling with your address typed out and a
follow-up phone number, to:
    4862 Voltaire St.
    San Diego, CA 92107
    And I'll send you a printed copy.

The book is also available through the City of San Diego Library System.

Peace & love,
Jim  •••@••.•••, 619 758 9020

"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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