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Subject:  "World Can't Wait"  student faces expulsion for Bush action
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 16:34:58 -0800
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Subject: "World Can't Wait" student faces expulsion for Bush action

This is high school---not even college or University---
high school kids taking action---totally awesome!!!!!
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Message to all who support the World Can't Wait - Drive
Out the Bush Regime!

Expulsion Hearing early Friday am for 9th Grader in Los

Defend Sarah and all Students being threatened, fined, or
punished for demonstrating on November 2nd!

YOU can Call NOW and make a difference for Sarah:

Reseda High Sschool Principal: Alfredo Tarin  818-342-6186

Los Angeles School Dist Superintendent Phone:
213-241-7000  Fax: 213-241-8442

Sarah, a 9th grade student organizer in Los Angeles, faces
an expulsion hearing Friday morning.  Sarah organized
students to express themselves on November 2 as part of
World Can't Wait Drive Out the Bush Regime.  If she is
expelled, she will be unable to attend public school in
Los Angeles again.

Actions to Drive Out Bush were marked by the participation
of high school students across the country.  We heard
about Sarah's expulsion hearing late last night, and are
asking everyone who supoprts this movement to stand with
the students.

Please call her principal, and call or fax the School
Board NOW to demand that Sarah be allowed to return to
class without consequences and that there should be no
punishment for students who participated in demonstrations
on November 2nd. 

"We're supposed to teach our kids to think and when they
think we crush them. It's not right," said an LA doctor
who is outraged by the repression of Sarah and other

We'll keep you updated on the outcome for Sarah and other
students across the country. 

Keep checking for further reports on what happened
Wednesday, and further plans at

BUSH STEP DOWN! And take your whole program with you! 

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