Carol Brouillet and the 911 Truth Movement


Richard Moore

      "Behind Every Terrorist is a Bush" (DVD documentary)
             Edited by Ken Jenkins. Produced by Carol Brouillet and the
         Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance. VHS video available
         and DVD (DVD includes bonus documentary on the San Francisco
         International Inquiry into 9-11, March 2004, 28 minutes),
         Specify video or DVD, send $20 to The Northern California
         9-11 Truth Alliance, PO Box 60511, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA.
         For large quantities, call Carol Brouillet 650-857-0927,
         email: •••@••.•••.   Or order online:

         Description of this and other 911-related DVDs:

The big question for activists these days is: "How can I
make a real difference?". In all too many cases, we are left
the with the conclusion that we must do "something", even if
we don't imagine we'll change anything.  Carol Brouillet is
one activist who brings a sensible strategic perspective to
her effective on-the-ground organizing. She looks for points
of leverage, where her initiatives are most likely to bear

Out of her understanding of the power that finance holds
over our lives, she became active in the community-currency
movement. She saw that community currencies really worked:
they enable useful economic exchange in communities, outside
the matrix of elite financial control. This isn't a "do
good" movement, but rather a "self-help" movement, and that
provided the kind of leverage that makes sense to Carol. She
maintains a website in support of community currencies:

         "The Difference Between Money and Real Wealth:
               Creating Community Currencies"

More recently, Carol has been focusing her considerable
energy on exposing the lies and cover-ups surrounding the
events of 911. And again, this choice is backed by a
strategic perspective: the whole Bush program, with all of
its excesses and failures, is supported entirely by the
official story surrounding 911. If somehow the public could
see through that myth, and realize who the real perpetrators
are, then the whole Bush house of cards would come tumbling

Like many who have examined the extensive material available
on 911, Carol finds the evidence for official complicity to
be quite clear and beyond the shadow of doubt. The problem
that remains is to get that evidence in front of the
American people, and the people of the world. That's what
the "911 Truth Movement" is about: creating public forums,
and seeking media outlets, to get the evidence "out there".

The main home page of the movement is titled "",
and their website ( links
to the many sources of 911 information and research. The
movement has a Northern California chapter
( Carol is very active in this
chapter, and maintains her own web page in support

DVD documentaries seem to be one of the most effective tools
for spreading the truth about 911. They can be used at
community gatherings, in living rooms, on open-minded
television channels, in local cinemas, etc. A well-produced
documentary gets the information across in a way that the
written word cannot match, and people recall images better
than they recall verbal arguments. Some of the best of this
DVD genre can be readily purchased on Amazon:

     "Painful Deceptions"
       Director: Eric Hufschmid

     "Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11" (2003)
      Guerilla News Network

     "Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 9/11"
      David Ray Griffin

Carol's own documentary, "Behind Every Terrorist is a Bush",
is a celebration of this truth movement, and an inspiration
to movement activists. The documentary shows us highlights
from a 911 Inquiry that Carol organized in San Francisco,
with gutsy entertainers and nationally-known speakers. We
see an outline of the evidence - enough to whet our
appetites for the other DVDs - but the real "message" of the
documentary is about the movement itself: its human face,
its wide variety, its dedication to exposing the lies, its
humor. A more detailed description, with a list of the
presentations, can be found at:

Once again with this DVD project, Carol shows that her
activism is guided by a strategic compass. If the 911 myths
are the foundation of the Bush regime, and if the 911 Truth
Movement is the best means of shattering that foundation,
then it makes sense to produce a documentary that promotes
that movement, and shows how much energy and enthusiasm can
be generated by presenting the available evidence in a
public forum. More power to Carol, and to the movement!

Richard Moore
Wexford, Ireland