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Richard Moore


Jim Rough has just uploaded an audio interview with Joseph
McCormick of the Democracy in America campaign. It is very
inspiring, and talks about Joseph's very effective work
bringing diverse groups together to achieve a sense of We
The People. Jim is the interviewer, and various forms of
facilitation are discussed as well. I'll be featuring this
interview on our websites.

Democracy in America campaign:
Jim Rough's website:
The interview:


I finally went all out and created a comprehensive tutorial
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From: "David Lewit"
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Subject: RE: weekend readers dialog
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 06:48:27 -0500
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For those of us who dare not download this megablock of
video, or who need an exec summary before committing to
detail, please give us a summary.


Hi Dave,

A fair request. I've seen lots of 911 videos. This one is
unusually outstanding in several ways. I agree with this
blurb from the website:

     "This is the best damn 9-11 documentary out there." -Dave
     vonKleist, Producer of "911:In Plane Site" Loose Change is
     an extremely hard hitting, heavily referenced documentary.
     It has the best footage that I have seen to date, of all the
     bombs and explosions going off at the World Trade Center. He
     covers each individual aspect of 9/11 in keen detail, and
     after watching 'Loose Change' it is almost impossible to
     walk away and not believe that 9/11 was engineered, not by
     Osama, but by our own Government.

The URL again, by Loose Change:

From: "Dstacey" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: 911 LIES:  AIRLINE RUMOR: 911 Flight Attendant seen
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 16:04:21 -0500

Title: AIRLINE RUMOR: 911 Flight Attendant seen
Source: LetsRoll911
Published: Mar 12, 2006
Author: Leftseat
Post Date: 2006-03-12 01:17:50 by

This story is making the rounds in the airline community recently:

An American Airlines FA, close friends with one of the
American FA's that was aboard one of the 911 flights, was
shopping while on vacation in Toronto, Canada two years
after 911. As she is waiting in line to pay for her
purchase, she is shocked to see her "dead" F/A friend walk
by. She hails her by name. The "dead" F/A turns, stops, and
their eyes meet. The "dead" F/A runs out of the store into
the crowd in the mall. The AA F/A runs after her, setting
off store shoplifting sensors from the unpaid merchandise in
her arms. Security detains her and the "dead" F/A blends
into the crowd. The AA F/A is 100% certain of the deceased's
identity...she was wearing the tennis bracelet given her as
a present the previous Christmas. She attended both AA's and
her family's memorial services. Weird.
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