San Fran, 23 March, screening: VOICES OF DISSENT


Richard Moore


Come to a screening of VOICES OF DISSENT

Karil Daniels
New College of California
766 Valencia St. (near 19th St, ), AL View Map
Thursday, March 23, 7:00pm
Please join us for a special benefit screening of

featuring many of your favorite progressive activists:
Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Michael Franti, Al Franken,
Medea Benjamin, Daniel Ellsberg, Will Durst, Jim Hightower,
Norman Solomon, Joan Blades, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and
many more.

Talk with filmmaker Karil Daniels after the screening to
explore ways to oppose Bush and protect authentic democracy.
Get energized, get motivated, get involved!

Using events, theatre, song, dance, comedy, satire, music,
poetry, interviews with well-known personalities and the
wisdom of our country's founders, VOICES reminds us of our
roots and the importance of protecting authentic democracy.
It challenges anyone who would limit the freedoms and civil
liberties granted in the Constitution and Bill of Rights as
fundamentally un-American, even if they are our own leaders.
It inspires viewers to speak out to defend and protect our
heritage of democracy, before we lose it.

This 42-minute documentary has been honored at 8 film festivals.

Admission: $8 General, $4 Students/Seniors

Event co-sponsored by New College Center for Education & Social Action.
The film is a sponsored project of the Film Arts Foundation.
Please tell your friends and and help us get the word out.

See an 8-minute trailer at:

Download the poster/flyer artwork:
Please post and distribute it widely.

For more details, or to get a VHS/DVD copy, go to
Cost: $19.95 + tax & p/h.
Great for house parties and grass roots organizing.


* Patriot Act conflicts with the Constitution and Bill of

* Various forms of political activism and dissent, from
theater, comedy and group actions, to personal acts of

* Shocking police brutality against peaceful anti-war
marchers and the resulting injuries and public hearing into
the police violence

* Memorable quotes from past presidents and other widely
respected public figures about the nature of dissent and
freedom in a true democracy

* The wild and wonderful creativity of dissenters at
anti-war rallies and a wide range of imaginative acts of

If you'd like to get more involved, we welcome your talent
and energy.

Karil Daniels is a long-time activist film/video maker and
member of the Board of Directors of Bay Area Women in Film
and Television. Her past films, on health alternatives,
waterbirth, ecology & environment, women's issues,
sustainability and the arts, have won a total of 30 festival

Contact info: Karil Daniels * 415-821-0435 *

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