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To: "'David Cory Frankel'"
Subject: RE: San Fran, 23 March, screening: VOICES OF DISSENT
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 20:53:22 -0800

Pie throwing is now considered terrorism and the biotic
bakers are subterranean.

A major erosion of the 60s movement - which I hope you will
agree did explode into reality the evolution of a new world
view for Western culture - was the infighting and
splintering, some promulgated by the oiks, but much by one
group on the same side competing against another group on
the same side.

Life within human culture is as diverse as life in nature.
Social movements, therefore, have many diverse but
contributory fronts, views,... so I would really caution
about criticizing people/groups who do not exactly fit
particular perspectives.  Rather, to focus on common ground
elements within movements for change will, in my opinion,
help nurture change.  Medea is a sister, not a George Bush.
Perhaps Global Exchange is changing its place in the
movement to build a new culture, but it is not our enemy.
How can we help build each other's strong points instead of
hacking at their weaknesses?  Building unity in diversity
will help us reach the critical mass we need to topple the
first global monster.  This is the first human time that the
culture change needed to transform corruption has to be
global.  The World Social Forum is a major step in this

What has the progressive movement done in the past 5 years?
It has changed a lot itself, but what it has accomplished --

Green economics/organics I see as a great stride,
particularly because it helps restore personal health, local
economies and bridges the grass roots left and the grass
roots right.

Younger people are becoming politicized.  Generations are
united.  In the 60s there was a 'generation gap'. The
underground is growing.  Corruption is becoming more
exposed.  A cultural shift from statism to tribalism seems
to be at least incipient.  I have been waiting for this for
several decades now.  Tom, I think you are on the right
track, and I'd like to know more about your present work
with tribal peoples.

We began to legalize pot in the early 60s, now its legal or
at least they'll never stop it.  The pot movement now needs
establish limits, however.

Internet news, blogs... are definitely realizing Marshall
McLuhan's foresight in the 60s that the media would
ultimately democratize the world because the truth will be


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From: David Cory Frankel
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 7:29 PM
To: Brian Hill
Subject: Re: San Fran, 23 March, screening: VOICES OF DISSENT

Aloha :)

I was a bit premature in suggesting that Solomon deserves a
tomato ~ after all - free speech and what not .... And as
for Medea, I am reminded that tomato throwing might be
considered less than fully nonviolent - but ACLU has opined
that a banana crème pie is nonviolent - so I change my
suggestion to pie ~

As for real biz - I would ask - What has the "progressive"
movement accomplished in the past 5 years?  What have we
done that has prevailed by any measure of success?  Is there
any measure of success in our movement or is it constant
struggle w/o end?  Brian, can you give me some perspective
here that indicates any progress at all?

Finally, did you see that the Rachel Corrie play was
shitcanned in NYC because the Jewish Community couldn't
stomach a telling of her story, in her words - she is
actually credited as the playright and even though it sold
out in 2 separate runs in London, it couldn't even get on
the schedule in NY and the Workshop that was putting in on
pussied out - due to local pressures - apparently, the NY
Jewish Community doesn't want to hear about an Israeli
crushing an American to death in a Caterpillar bulldozer ~
the story is at -

Namaste :)

on 3/18/06 2:56 PM, Brian Hill at •••@••.••• wrote:

   > Come to a screening of VOICES OF DISSENT
   > Host:
   > Karil Daniels
   > Location:
   > New College of California
   > 766 Valencia St. (near 19th St, ), AL View Map
   > When:
   > Thursday, March 23, 7:00pm

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