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Richard Moore


I've finally updated out archive software. The archives are more 
readable now, and the links in the postings are live.  Here's what's 
been posted recently:
23 Mar FYI - latest blog threads (titles only)...
24 Mar See Charlie Sheen on CNN
24 Mar where to find the Charlie Sheen video...
25 Mar Escaping the Matrix: The Red Pill
25 Mar The Wisdom Council
25 Mar Transcript of Charlie Sheen interview
26 Mar Sheen: " and I have started the revolution ..."
26 Mar Dispatch from the World Social Forum (Pakistan)
26 Mar Pro-Russian bloc leads in Ukraine
27 Mar [cyberjournal forum] - FYI - latest contents
29 Mar It's official: US supported Argentine death squads
29 Mar New York: Danny Schechter: Media Complicity and The Iraq War
29 Mar Delta Force founder: "no real threat to the U.S. in the world"
30 Mar Nova Scotia: military aircraft in large nos
30 Mar Israeli Electorate Rebukes Bush
01 Apr US sends fleet to Caribbean
01 Apr Kaminski: "I hit a nerve"...
01 Apr Chris Floyd: Bush's "Vision Quest"
02 Apr US ethnic cleansing in Iraq
03 Apr ETM report & request for assistance...
04 Apr Army Reg #210-35: Civilian prison camps on Army installations
06 Apr re: Army Reg #210-35: Civilian prison camps on Army installations
06 Apr Howard Zinn: "America's Blinders"
11 Apr US Dismisses Iran Attack Claims
11 Apr Bush dismisses 'Iran attack plan'
11 Apr Women and Jobless Armed by Chavez to Resist "US Invasion"
11 Apr Top UK Brass Plan for US Strike on Iran
11 Apr William Engdahl: WTO, GMO and Total Spectrum Dominance
11 Apr Weaponization Of Space Will Have Unpredictable Consequences