Russia: RTS bourse to start trading oil, oil products, gold on June 8


Richard Moore


In this article, from a Russian source, we see 
Russia establishing its own financial / 
energy-trading institutions, in competition with 
traditionally dominant Anglo-American 

I suggest that these developments are very 
relevant to the Iran scenario. The benefits to 
Anglo-American elites, of an Iranian conquest, 
would be greater control over oil sources and oil 
finance. These financial / energy moves by 
Russia, and other moves in collaboration with 
China and the SCO nations, have the effect of 
minimizing the benefits from an attack on Iran. 
By decreasing the benefits, while simultaneously 
increasing the costs - by giving Iran modern 
weapons systems - an Iran invasion becomes less 
and less attractive to Anglo-American elites.

The following earlier postings are relevant here:
  10 May 2006   * Engdahl: USA's 'geopolitical nightmare' *
   20 Apr 2006   Russia will deliver air defense systems to Iran
   25 Apr 2006   A Worst-case Scenario for the New American Century

These are all very pivotal developments, as 
regards the overall geopolitical situation. The 
Big Geopolitical Picture, as I see it, has to do 
with the PNAC agenda, and responses to it by 
other powers. From the above articles we can see 
that PNAC has encouraged the development of 
powerful counter alliances, which I would 
summarize under the heading of SCO - Shanghai 
Cooperation Organisation 
The Big Game can be characterized as "US-UK-PNAC 
vs.  China-Russia-SCO".

In particular from Engdahl's article above, I get 
the impression that the SCO forces have more or 
less managed to grind the PNAC advance to a halt. 
Further incremental advances, as in Iran, have 
become harder to achieve and their payoff has 
been downgraded from strategic to tactical. In 
this context, consider the following articles:

   22 May 2006   US spells out [contingency] plan to bomb Iran
   23 May 2006   U.S. Is Proposing European Shield for Iran Missiles
   26 May 2006   Bush: U.S. would aid Israel if attacked

The bottom line on all this, as I see it, is that 
an attack on Iran will only make sense if the 
intent is to spark a global conflict - a High 
Noon showdown between US-UK and China-Russia. 
The timing of any such attack will have little to 
do with events in Iran, and everything to do with 
the overall balance in strategic forces between 
the two major sides. Washington's rhetoric around 
Iran will continue to be disinformation as 
regards Iran, but it will be revealing as regards 
the timing of any High Noon showdown. The Matrix 
has its uses.

World Wars I and II were orchestrated by 
Anglo-American elites, and were successful 
projects in extending and maintaining 
Anglo-American dominance of world affairs. 
Today's geopolitical scenario has striking 
parallels to the pre-WW I scenario. In that 
scenario, Germany had eclipsed Britain 
industrially, and was on a course to consolidate 
its gains in terms of energy, trade, and finance. 
Britain's position of global dominance was under 
dire threat, and a High Noon shootout, with the 
help of Uncle Sam, was the means by which the 
German 'threat' was averted.

China is now the world's dominant industrial 
nation, and Russia is the world's largest oil 
producer. China has lots of money, and Russia has 
lots of modern technology and weapons. The US 
economy is a shambles, and every day the balance 
of power is shifting increasingly toward the SCO 
block. What alternatives do Anglo-American elites 
have at this point?

If they follow their traditional modus operandi, 
that would mean WW III, but in a nuclear context. 
If they do nothing, their days global dominance 
are numbered. They could pursue a peaceful 
accommodation, but that would be entirely outside 
their scope of experience, and perhaps beyond 
their ability to imagine. Like the ancient 
Romans, they only understand dominance and 

these are indeed 'interesting times',

Original source URL:

RTS bourse to start trading oil, oil products, gold on June 8
22/05/2006 16:03

MOSCOW, May 22 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian 
Trading System, Russia's premier stock market, 
announced Monday that it would start trading in 
gold, oil and oil products on June 8.

The announcement comes in the wake of President 
Vladimir Putin's state of the nation address May 
10, when he said Russia, as a leading oil 
exporting nation, should establish its own oil 
exchange to trade crude and petroleum products 
for rubles.

"The first trading in contracts for gold will 
commence in Russia on June 8," the RTS said in a 

The stock exchange also said it would start 
trading in futures and options on oil and oil 
derivatives, including Urals brand, diesel fuel, 
jet fuel and fuel oil. Trade will be in rubles 
based on prices calculated by the Platts agency. 
The settlement period for a contract is one month 
and the minimum security guarantee on a contract 
is 10% of its overall value.

The derivatives section of the RTS, known by its 
Russian acronym Forts, will trade futures and 
options on gold in rubles based on the London 
Stock Exchange evening fixing rate. The 
settlement period for a contract is one month and 
the minimum security guarantee on any contract is 
5% of its overall value.

The statement said RTS would collect a 1-ruble 
commission for each concluded contract.

10:43 23/05/2006
RUXX investment index aiming to recover after 10% fall

18:13 22/05/2006
RTS bourse to launch domestic oil futures at start of 2007

18:24 03/04/2006
RTS to launch commodity futures trading in May

16:34 03/05/2006
Major Russian stock exchange posts 84% net profit rise in 1Q06

18:25 11/05/2006
Ruble-denominated oil exchanges could launch in 2007 - expert

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