rkm on radio Tuesday…


Richard Moore


I'll be 'appearing' on the "Meria Heller Show", Tues June 13,  10am 
Pacific Time:

Unfortunately, it is necessary to subscribe in order to hear her 
broadcasts. A "day pass" costs $5. There are other categories of 
"passes", up through $100 for a lifetime membership pass.

This will be my first interview since ETM was published. In fact, 
this is the first promotional event, apart from what I've been able 
to do with email. I've sent out lots of review copies of the book, 
but as far as I know no reviews have been published anywhere as yet. 
It seems everyone takes a long time to read books these days. I know 
I've got a whole stack of 'must reads' that receives only rare 

best regards,

 From Meria's website (http://www.meria.net/):

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