Catherine Austin Fitts: Al Gore ain’t where it’s at


Richard Moore


I changed Catherine's headline for this piece, 
because she's talking about a lot more than 
Gore's documentary. Indeed, she's one of the few 
writers who talks about the radical 
transformation of society, without leaning on 
pollyannic new-age fuzziness. I'm honored that 
she includes Escaping the Matrix in her 
recommended reading. :-)


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The Source of Hopelessness
A Review of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth
by Catherine Austin Fitts
Solari, Inc.

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July 24th 2006, 11:50 [PST] - The day after 9-11, 
a person whom I respect and care about a great 
deal said to me, "George Bush was anointed by God 
for a time such as this." He then asked me what I 
thought.  I said that I thought that the Bush 
family was anointed by financial fraud, narcotics 
trafficking, and pedophilia. Stunned, he said, 
"If that is true, then it's hopeless."  I replied 
that things were far from hopeless, but that for 
me solutions started with faith in a divine 
intelligence rather than affirming a dependent 
relationship with organized crime.

Last week I had dinner with a wonderful couple -- 
activists in the San Francisco Bay Area-- and the 
woman told me how wonderful she thought Al Gore's 
documentary An Inconvenient Truth was. She then 
asked for my opinion. When I gave it, she said, 
"If that is true, then it's hopeless." We then 
proceeded to have a rich conversation about why 
folks who used to call themselves "liberal" or 
"progressive" are in the same trap as folks who 
use to call themselves "conservative "

In order to respond to the problem of global 
warming, it is necessary to look at the ways that 
we as citizens support criminal activity by our 
government and how we as consumers, depositors 
and investors support the private banking, 
corporate and investment interests that run our 
government in this manner. This is easier said 
than done.  When we 'get it' - i.e., that we have 
to withdraw from a co-dependent relationship with 
organized crime in order to save and rebuild our 
world - we can find ourselves struggling to 
envision the system-wide actions that are needed 
and feeling overwhelmed by the task of 
determining how to go about them personally and 
in collaboration with others.

My nickname for our current economic system is 
"The Tapeworm." For decades I have listened to 
Americans from all walks of life insist that we 
must find solutions within the system - i.e. 
within the socially acceptable boundaries laid 
down by the Tapeworm.  Believing that our 
solutions for addressing global warming lie 
within the system defined by the Tapeworm goes 
hand in hand with obtaining our media from 
companies controlled by the Tapeworm, and having 
to choose from among leaders anointed by the 
Tapeworm, such as Al Gore. This belief is, in 
fact, the source of our hopelessness.

George Orwell once said that omission is the 
greatest form of lie. Gore's omissions in An 
Inconvenient Truth are so extraordinary that it 
is hard to know where to start.

Watching An Inconvenient Truth is more useful for 
understanding how propaganda is made and used 
than for understanding the risks of global 
warming (I am not qualified to judge the 
scientific evidence here -- I am assuming that 
Gore's presentation on global warming is sound).

The fundamental lie that Al Gore is telling comes 
from defining our problem as environmental -- in 
this case global warming, whereas our 
environmental problems -- as real and important 
as they are -- are but a symptom of the problem, 
not the problem. Gore defines our problem as 
"what." He is silent on "who." For example, Gore 
does not ask or answer:

   *  Who is doing this?
   *  Who has been governing our planet this way and why?
   *  Cui bono? Who benefits?

   *  Who has suppressed alternative technologies 
resulting in our dependency on fossil fuels? Why?

   *  Who has how much financial capital generated from this damage?

   *  How did things get this bad without our 
changing? How much was related to fear of and 
dirty tricks of those in charge?

   *  How do we recapture resources that have been 
criminally drained and use them to invest in 
restoring environmental balance?

Utah Phillips once said, "The earth is not dying. 
It is being killed, and the people killing it 
have names and addresses."  In one sentence, Utah 
Phillips told us more about global warming than 
Al Gore has told us in a lifetime of writing and 
speaking, let alone in An Inconvenient Truth.

Needless to say, Gore offers no names and 
addresses. Gore's "who" discussion is limited to 
population. He seems to imply that the issue is 
the growth in population combined with busy 
people being shortsighted, leading to some giant 
incompetency "accident."  That makes it easy to 
avoid digging into the areas that would naturally 
follow from starting with "who" - which should 
lead to dissecting the relationship between 
environmental deterioration and the prevailing 
global investment model that is such a critical 
part of the governance infrastructure and 
incentive systems.

Gore walks us through timelines showing the 
global warming of temperatures.  By defining the 
problem as simply environmental damage, and 
shrinking the history down to temperatures, there 
is no need to correlate environmental 
deterioration with the growth of the global 
financial system and the resulting centralization 
of economic and political power. The planet is 
being run by people who are intentionally killing 
it. Their power is their ability to offer all of 
us ways of making money by helping them kill it. 
Hence, understanding how the mechanics of the 
financial system and the accumulation of 
financial capital relate to environmental 
destruction is essential. If we integrate these 
deeper systems into an historical timeline, 
authentic solutions will begin to emerge.  But 
Gore omits the deeper systems and the lessons of 
how we got here and in so doing closes the door 
on transformation.

For example, there is no place on Gore's time line that shows:
   *  the creation of the Federal Reserve:
   *  the movement of currencies away from the gold standard:
   *  the growth of non-accountable fiat currency systems:
   *  the growth of consumer, mortgage and government debt;

   *  the growth in the superior rights of 
corporations over people and living things;

   *  the growth of "privatization" (which I call "piratization");

   *  the subversive and sometimes violent 
suppression of renewable energy, housing and 
transportation technologies and innovations;

   *  the growth of the offshore financial system 
and the use of that system to launder and 
accumulate vast sums of pirated capital 
accumulated through the onshore destruction of 

Understanding the fundamental imbalance of the 
corporate model -- where enterprises have the 
rights of personhood, but not the finite 
existence of people or the legal responsibilities 
and liabilities -- and the corporate model's 
economic dependence on subsidy that drives up 
debt, economic warfare and the destruction of all 
living things is a critical piece to developing 
actions to reverse environmental damage. Al Gore 
is a man that has made money for corporations his 
entire life. He is a member in good standing of 
the Tapeworm and his current lifestyle and this 
documentary are rich with the resources that 
corporations can provide.

There is also no personal accountability. Al Gore 
has not "come clean." There is no discussion of 
Gore's role in the Clinton Administration in 
facilitating worldwide economic centralization 
and warfare, and with it genocide and 
environmental destruction -- for example, there 
is no mention of The Rape Of Russia or the 
driving out of Washington of an investment model 
proposing to align places with capital markets to 
create a win-win economic model that he intimates 
is possible. For more, see my recently published 
case study on Tapeworm Economics, and the 
competition between two economic visions during 
the Clinton Administration, "Dillon, Read & the 
Aristocracy of Prison Profits".

The documentary ends with a long list of things 
that we can do. Many of these items are on my 
list. We all need to come clean in the process of 
evolving towards sustainability. However, without 
a new investment model and the governance changes 
that automatically follow, the result of An 
Inconvenient Truth is to teach us to be good 
consumers of global oil and consumer product 
corporations and banks and -- we are supposed to 
intuitively understand -- vote for Al Gore or the 
candidates he endorses. Gore draws us down a 
rabbit hole, which leaves us even more dependent 
on the people and institutions that created and 
profited from the problem in the first place. 
What that means is that the real solution will be 
significant depopulation. The viewer is left to 
preserve a bit of the shrinking American bubble 
to protect us from having to face the 
depopulation solutions underway (See above links 
on "The Rape Of Russia" and "Dillon , Read & The 
Aristocracy Of Prison Profits".)

The way a tapeworm operates inside our bodies is 
to inject a chemical into its host that makes it 
crave what is good for the tapeworm and bad for 
the host.  An Inconvenient Truth is an injection 
from the Tapeworm. Don't see it and crave a new 
round of what has not worked before. Things are 
not hopeless. There is no need to waste time and 
money adoring and financing the people who are 
killing the planet, or counting on the 
politicians who protect them.

To get you started, let me recommend that you 
take the money and time that you would spend 
watching An Inconvenient Truth and invest it in 
reading or watching a few of many authentic 
leaders with useful maps and solutions that are 
leading to serious ecosystem healing and 

Mind Control, Mind Freedom
By Jon Rappoport

Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World
By Richard Moore

America: From Freedom to Fascism
A documentary by Aaron Russo

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

[While there are some good people involved with 
the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, FTW does not endorse 
their editorial policy nor most of the research 
presented by them. - MK]

What The Bleep Do We Know?
A documentary by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente

Messages from Water

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
Bill Murphy, Chris Powell

Cynthia McKinney for Congress

Ron Paul for Congress

Can you imagine what these folks could do and 
what could happen if we all invested 2 hours each 
and the price of a movie theatre ticket in their 
work? Can you imagine what would happen if all 
the money donated to Al Gore and candidates like 
him were invested in authentic leaders and our 
access to them? I can - and the truth and beauty 
of that future fills my life and work with hope.

Catherine Austin Fitts is President of Solari and 
may be contacted at

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