War exercise Oct 24 – cover for first strike?


Richard Moore

Document name:
     Global Strike
     A Chronology of the Pentagon's New
     Offensive Strike Plan

Published by: Federation of American Scientists, March 15, 2006

     "It is important to understand that the Global Strike
     mission and CONPLAN 8022 are different than previous
     missions and plans both in their intent and capabilities.
     Although promoted as a way of increasing the President's
     options for deterring lesser adversaries, Global Strike is
     first and foremost offensive and preemptive in nature and
     deeply rooted in the expectation that deterrence will fail
     sooner or later."

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From: "Westaway" <•••@••.•••>
To: "Westaway" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: STRATCOM Global Strike nuclear exercise Global Lightning 0
        7 scheduled Oct. 24 - Nov. 8
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 07:35:22 -0700

STRATCOM Global Strike nuclear exercise Global Lightning 07 scheduled Oct.
24 - Nov. 8 (Iran invasion?)

(FFN Editor's note:  This is a major nuclear warfare drill and could be used
to bootleg an attack on Iran.  This information was taken from the following
MUST READ white paper from STRATCOM, which describes in depth their plans
for nuclear war, space war, and Cheney's CONPLAN 8022 to be used against
Iran following a terror provocation: Click here to read the full report.
Just a small sample of the report is listed below to source the information
and date of the drill.)

Global Strike: A Chronology

November 2010: Full Operational Capability planned for the conventional
Trident D5 missile.

November 2008: Initial Operational Capability planned for the conventional
Trident D5 missile.

December 2006: The Department of Defense is scheduled to award a 
contract for the Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network 
(ISPAN) which is used to develop, verify, and produce OPLAN 8044, 
CONPLAN 8022, and theater support plans . 24 October - 8 November 
2006: STRATCOM sponsored Global Strike exercise Global Lightning 07 

October 2006 (early FY 2007): The Enhanced Effectiveness (E2) 
Demonstration Program was scheduled to culminate in a Trident II 
flight test and provide final demonstration assessment report and 
recommended transition plan to the Navy and STRATCOM for increasing 
the accuracy of the W76/Mk4 to GPS-like accuracy. Congress cut 
funding for E2 in 2004, but the Navy and Lockheed Martin continued 
the program with other funding.

30 Sep 2006: Joint Functional Component Command for Space and Global 
Strike (JFCC S&GS) is scheduled to achieve Full Operational 
Capability (FOC).

April 2006: STRATCOM exercise Global Thunder is scheduled.


(FFN Editor's note: Here is more on Global Lighting.  This was how they ran
last year's exercise)

(from William Arkin 2005-  http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1108990/)

Global Lightning practices the American nuclear retaliation after Vigilant
Shield. This year's is the second of an annual exercise series allowing the
Omaha-based command to flex bigger muscles assigned by President Bush. In
2003, the President assigned STRATCOM overarching responsibility for missile
defenses, "strategic" information warfare in support of national operations,
and global strike missions -- nuclear and conventional.

Global Lightning exercises, according to STRATCOM documents, practices
"nuclear combat readiness, proficiency and training" and "provides a
bridging exercise between nuclear and non-nuclear forces." In other words,
it practices escalation from conventional to nuclear war and implementation
of the Bush administration's new global strike war plan, named CONPLAN 8022.

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