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Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 10:49:07 +1300
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From: Harvey Jones <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cyberjournal news-posting policies
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Dear Richard

I have no complaints about your postings of real news and appreciate 
your efforts to provide a version of the truth and activities which 
we may otherwise fail to see.  I have followed your postings since 
the days of the UseNet and the others who made regular contributions 

Like you I also filter the chaff from the real news and look for the 
disinformation which is so often presented in the various news-speak 
media outlets. One story popped past the other day, for which the 
embedded links have disappeared.  Not surprising considering the 

I am also involved with a number of community based groups in my 
local area.  You may be pleased to know, that on this side of the 
world anyway, community spirit and networking is re-emerging despite 
the various efforts to stifle it.  Your contributions to community 
empowerment are helpful.  Some of the articles and contributions from 
the blog have been shared with others to let them know that others 
around the world have similar problems and that they are not alone.

Carry on the good work


Hi Harvey,

Thanks for the feedback. I've noticed two major trends unfolding 
since I started writing, back in the UseNet days.

The first is the trend  I predicted and was writing about: the 
emergence of a US-sponsored new world order, de-nationalization 
through globalization, increased interventionism, police states in 
the West, and a corporate world government. This trend has proceeded 
even more dramatically than I anticipated, by means of Cheney's 911 

The second trend I did not predict, and I find it extremely 
encouraging. Your report of "community spirit and networking" in New 
Zealand is part of that trend. I'm referring to the many creative 
ways that humanity has risen up to resist the first agenda. Chavez in 
Latin America, Russia and China on the global chess board, networking 
at the grassroots level, participatory budgets in Brazil, halting of 
the WTO process by third-world nations, hardy resistance to Western 
imperialism by the brave people of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. etc. 
Perhaps one of the most encouraging development is a rapidly 
increasing interest in dialog processes, as a way to bring people 
together and overcome divisiveness. See for example:

I'm hoping to get down your way in the not-to-distant future. I'd 
like to meet with you and some of your networking buddies.


From: "Jerold Hubbard" <•••@••.•••>
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Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 11:23:14 -0500
Subject: Re: * Why I think there WILL be an attack on Iran *
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Dear Richard;

I have second hand knowledge of this USA instigated taking of US 
hostages by Iran.  My close friend, was working as the Agriculture 
attache in Iran at the time.  His number one role was in Military 
Counter-Intelligence.  He knew at least 6 months before the hostage 
incident that this was a plan being implanted within the minds of a 
few Iranian hostiles toward USA policy. Remember the Shah, They did 
too!   Over and over again he tried to get through to the higher ups, 
with this information, BUT his channels of communication were 
severed.  So, finally, on the day it was to be implemented,  he 
looked at the USA Agriculture consultant and told him that there was 
NO use for him to become a hostage of the Iranian rebels, and he was 
able to avoid him being captured.  The ONLY one of the USA 
Ambassador, consultant, team that was not captured that day!  No one 
ever bothered to question how one escaped!!!! The answer would have 
been electrifying!  He also witnessed first hand a meeting between 
Jimmy Carter and the representatives of the elite few who call world 
shots, two weeks after his winning of the election!  He also knows 
why this meeting took place as Jimmy was NOT one of their team 

Keep up the good work of breaking down the information barrier!  This 
barrier is MUCH more crippling than the border of Nations!

Jerold Hubbard


Thanks Jerold - these kind of on-the-ground reports are very informative - rkm

From: "Gerry Masuda" <•••@••.•••>
To: <•••@••.•••>
Subject: re:  * Why I think there WILL be an attack on Iran *
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 23:05:07 -0700

Mr Moore.  A friend sent me your email identified below.

I have some questions to ask about aspects you did not cover which I 
think are significant.

What happened to the opening of the Iranian Oil Exchange which was to 
cost crude in euros?  It seems to me that there has been some 
negotiations carried out to stop the opening of the Exchange which 
would have sunk the US dollar.  If the Iranians had opened the 
Exchange, the US would have been forced to carry our a 'preemptive 

Why haven't the Russian equivalent of the US Stinger ground to air 
missile been used in the ME?  Both the US War on Iraq and the Israeli 
War on Lebanon were based heavily on air power.  If the Iraqis and 
Hezbollah had 'Stingers', the Shock and Awe of the air assault would 
have been significantly muted.  I can only surmise that these 
missiles are being held back as a strategic surprise.  Should the US 
attack Iran or Syria, the 'Stinger' may make its debut with maximum 
impact.  If this is so, who are the ones who have this power to 
restrict use of 'Stingers' up to now?

All indications are that the US will be using nuclear weapons in any 
war against Iran.  The US doesn't have the ground troops to 'hold 
ground' and thus nukes have to be used to provide a radioactive 
buffer between Iran and the narrow slip of land around the Gulf which 
the US are interested in.  I would think that the sudden rise in 
background radiation which would register around the world would 
result in a very strong global public reaction which will force their 
governments to condemn the US use of nukes.

One final point.  I have not yet seen any reference of the impact of 
DU in Lebanon.  Yet the same weapons were used in Lebanon that were 
used in Iraq, and also Yugoslavia.  DU must have heavily contaminated 
southern Lebanon and both Hezbollah and Israeli soldiers will have 
been heavily exposed with the inevitable resulting health problems.

I thank you for this article on Iran.



Hi Gerry,

Why depend on forwards? Send a message to:  •••@••.••• :-)

I believe that the Iranian oil bourse has been eclipsed by other 
developments. For one thing, the US economy is about to crash on its 
own, bourse or no bourse. For another thing, the various trading 
arrangements and oil deals being set up (among Russia, China, 
Southeast Asia producers, Iran, Venezuela, etc.) are a bigger threat 
to petrodollar-supremacy than the bourse would be.

The Stinger issue is interesting. Perhaps there is a quid-pro-quo 
among the big powers. Russia keeps Stingers out of Lebanon, and the 
US keeps them out of Chechnya. Also, stingers can shoot down 
commercial airliners. Perhaps the US and Russia don't want to risk 
that 'their rebels' might use that as a tactic -- could get too out 
of control.

People can only respond to things like background radiation and DU 
contamination if they know about it. My guess is that the average TV 
viewer has never heard of DU. I've seen very little coverage of that, 
or of the huge oil spill Israel created in Lebanon, in mainstream 


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:02:47 +0800
To: •••@••.•••
From: Betty Daly-King <•••@••.•••>
Subject: "Why know this stuff?  I can't do a damn thing about it!"
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Even when I have strong doubts that anything I do is going to make a 
mite of difference I think it is still important to act.  It is 
important to me to start and secondly, if I don't do anything I know 
I will not make a difference but if I do something it may make a 
difference!  And if more people thought that way there would be a 
significant collective of public opinion opposing governments' 
actions and we WOULD make a difference.

Betty Daly-King


Hi Betty,

You bring up a deep issue. There are many considerations involved.

On the one hand, any manifestation of people taking responsibility 
for humanity's future is a good thing. They might do some good, their 
energy may inspire others, they might learn from their failures, etc. 
I wouldn't encourage anyone to give up just because they have doubts 
about their effectiveness.

On the other hand, 'doing something' can serve to 'make us feel good' 
and encourage us to avoid the difficulty of thinking about 'what 
really needs to be done'. In that sense, 'doing something' can be a 
disempowering addiction. I think it is important for all of us to 
regularly review what we've been doing, reflect on its effectiveness, 
and reconsider our alternatives. We shouldn't just go on automatic 
and confuse effort with accomplishment. Ongoing learning and 
reassessment needs to be part of every activist's agenda.

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 14:56:20 -0700
Subject: "Why know this stuff?  I can't do a damn thing about it!"
From: Jan Slakov <•••@••.•••>
To: <•••@••.•••>

    rkm> For those of us who accept responsibility for
     humanity's well being, who have faced the scary truths, and
     who are seeking a way to help create democratic societies,
     these dialog processes seem to be just what we're looking
     for. If we take all that energy we've been putting into
     political campaigns, protest movements, public education
     campaigns, letters to the editor, or whatever, and put that
     energy into arranging opportunities for this kind of dialog
     in our communities, we would be facilitating the emergence
     of self governance in our societies.

Dear Richard,

I think virtually all of the things you list above as options for 
spending our energy are worthwhile, including the dialogue idea. I 
find it unfortunate when someone tries to convince others to invest 
in one particular route for change, as people have different gifts 
and callings, and we need to appreciate and take encouragement from a 
wide variety of actions, not just the ones that we are personally 
most enthused about.

By coincidence, when I opened my latest issue of YES! magazine, I 
first chanced on a little notice about BOLIVIAN PRESIDENT EVO 
MORALES. His "approval rating after 6 mo. in office is 82 percent. A 
socialist and the country's 1st indigenous head of state in more than 
450 years, Morales has nationalized the gas and oil industries, 
raised wages, halved the salaries of parliamentarians and other 
highly paid public servants, and begun redistribution of public land."

To me, this is a reminder of how political campaign work can be 
valuable. Even in the US currently, there are a few really good 
people who have been elected to office (like Cynthia McKinney). and 
others, though not elected, have raised really important issues or 
perspectives.... Amazingly, things could be worse!... so it is 
worthwhile to value the bits of democracy we have left.

all the best, Jan


Hi Jan,

Thanks for your balancing perspective. There is much truth in what 
you say. Certainly different people have different talents and 
inspirations, and I do take encouragement from everyone's 

Nonetheless, if we look at the big picture of activism vs. results, 
as regards the global environment, war and peace, civil liberties, 
social justice -- or almost any measure -- things are getting rapidly 
worse. If we don't start doing something different this downward 
spiral will continue.

Some may think the spiral cannot be stopped, and we should devote our 
efforts to slowing it down a bit. If they succeed in slowing it down, 
I thank them, but I cannot adopt such a pessimistic perspective. 
There are billions of us against a few of them and our aim should be 
to prevail, not over them as people but over their oppressive system. 
Influencing our societies is not enough, we must transform them.

I've devoted a lot of study to what kinds of things help in this 
regard and what kinds of things don't. I consider it my obligation to 
share what I've learned in the hopes of improving the effectiveness 
of our efforts.

Let's consider the case of Evo Morales, or Chavez for that matter. We 
must recognize that the political conditions in Bolivia and Venezuela 
are very different than in the US or Canada. They have suffered under 
globalization to an extent we have never experienced.  There is a 
starker contrast between the poor and the well off, and a greater 
percentage of very poor. They have experienced very corrupt 
governments, and lived through dictatorships. There is a much broader 
constituency for radical change there, and a deeper rejection of 
capitalism and standard politics.

We cannot assume that what is possible in Latin America electorally 
is also possible in our more self-indulgent, over-propagandized, 
under-radicalized, split-into-factions 'democracies'. I continue to 
claim that electoral politics in the US and Canada is a waste of 
valuable time -- indeed that is its purpose, to waste our time, and 
to give us the illusion of participation.


From: "Nicola Furey" <•••@••.•••>
To: <•••@••.•••>
Subject: "Why know this stuff?  I can't do a damn thing about it!"
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 09:27:11 +0200


Sadly, many of those responsible for the children and youth in our 
societies are people who do not want change, they certainly do not 
want to rock the boat of comfort and continuation and encourage their 
charges to think, to make them realise that there are powers that are 
modelling their world and deciding their future without even 
consulting them. The mess they are inheriting will be a big 
responsibility and the youth need help and clear minds to deal with 
it, the sooner the better, the young people who think and there are 
many, see the world holistically.  The western education teaches them 
to specialise in school and when they get to university they become 
so specialised that they can only see in one direction not across the 
panorama, thus there is also a lack of communication - another way to 

There are groups of young people who are fed up with what is going 
on, in Africa they are asking to be taught so they can get jobs not 
the old style, in Europe it is the same, they certainly do not admire 
the big corporations or any of the people in government. This is the 
same production of sheep that was in place before the first and 
second world war, how do we help them to wake up and stop it for the 
sake of humanity?

Lets hope and pray that the power of the indigenous peoples and the 
spirituality that each child is born with will make truth win over 

Richard please continue with your perseverance with more like you the 
world will become a better place.




Hi Nicola,

Thanks for your encouragement, and for your expression of hope.

I question, however, whether it makes sense for us to wait to be 
saved by our children, or by indigenous societies. Us grown-ups in 
the West are in the best position to make a difference and it is our 
responsibility to do so. We don't have time to wait; the crisis is 
too immediate.

My real point in that posting was to point out things we could be 
doing, things that show considerable promise of making an important 
difference. I'm surprised at how few people have responded to that 
material. Indeed, I'm surprised at how little discussion we've had on 
the list about dialog, process, and overcoming divisiveness in our 
communities. If what I've been saying makes sense, why aren't people 
taking it seriously? If it doesn't make sense, why aren't people 
saying so?


Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 02:27:53 +1000
From: Robin Mutoid <•••@••.•••>
To: Richard Cyber <•••@••.•••>
Subject: "I can't do a damn thing about it!"... or Can I...?


Great stuff.. thank you.. just a couple of simple points that I would 
like to add/raise.

I notice that (probably wisely!) the word 'spiritual' is not used. If 
however the surmise that we are ALL spiritual beings in physical 
bodies is true, then this is the level, via the 'Hundredth Monkey' 
syndrome, aided and abetted by the internet, upon which we may all 
burst, in a short space of time, into our true power and potential. 
If you believe, as I do, that Earth is at this time 'ascending' - 
that her vibratory rate is physically increasing, then we ALL are 
subject to a choice as to whether or not we 'join in' and harmonise 
with this process.

The Internet is our active experiment in generating a holistic world 
telepathy. The 'Indigo' Children' (Google it) are incarnating here to 
teach us of ONE Love, ONE Truth, ONE Humanity and of Unity. Of 'Give 
no shit and by the same token, accept NO shit'! On a soul level we 
already know what is right, we also know that the shit being foisted 
upon us by the NWO is distinctly not right. Divide and Rule cannot be 
allowed to succeed again.

I know that this may sound like idealist talk, but really in order to 
become transparent also to the current chemtrail, microwave, 
electromagnetic and psychotronic assault on our physical minds and 
bodies, WE have to raise the stakes. WE have to raise the level at 
which we 'operate', WE in effect have to learn to start being LESS 
physical and MORE spiritual; this is our conscious route to the next 
(well overdue) level of our evolution on Earth. A conscious upward 
move to the fourth and subsequently higher dimensional realms. This 
is the portal. This is the 'Eye of the Needle'.

Interested in your feedback..

Robin. :-D    


Hi Robin,

I suspect you are right about positive energy rising, an increasing 
'vibratory rate'. Indeed some of the latest thinking in quantum 
physics suggests that the universe itself is intelligent and creative:

And I agree that the Internet has very positive properties as regards 
raising popular consciousness. In particular, I'm referring to the 
'forwarding characteristics' of the net...the way people selectively 
forward on information to friends, blogs, and email lists. In this 
regard, the Internet acts as a neural network, and each of us acts as 
an intelligent node. As we develop our own knowledge, refine our 
selection of sources, tune our spam filters, and expand our channels 
of sharing, we are improving the overall intelligence of the net. The 
'connections' we make on the net are like the dendrites that connect 
nerve cells in the brain. These dendrites grow and shrink as we 
learn, making us more intelligent.  Same thing with the net.

We might think of it this way. Forget for a moment that your messages 
go to individuals, but think of them as contributions into the net 
itself, as if the net were a giant artificial-intelligence machine. 
And forget that the messages you receive come from some individual, 
but think of them as 'responses from the machine'. If we think of it 
this way, then we can see that the 'machine' is growing more and more 
intelligent over time. We are co-creating an intelligent entity as we 
make use of the net. This is why THEY are so intent on taking this 
kind of net usage away from us. See: "Are they going to take away our 

'Higher vibrations' and "Internet intelligence" may give us more 
awareness, and increase our potential, but they are of little value 
until we make use of them. It doesn't help much to sit around with 
'hundredth monkey' consciousness, waiting for 99 others to get the 
ball rolling.  Potential must be manifested before it makes any 
difference. I agree with 'more spiritual', but if combined with 'less 
physical' the result is disempowerment.


From: •••@••.•••
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 16:29:07 EDT
Subject: "Why know this stuff?  I can't do a damn thing about it!"
To: •••@••.•••

      rkm>  Perhaps its the stars or the season, but I do believe
       there are energies that help us realize our potential, and
       that they have their own rhythms.

And when things are not what we'd like, that means that the energies 
are not helping us to realize our potential -- Bad Energies!  What 
happened to their rhythms?  Have the rhythms turned bad?  Bad 
Rhythms!  Bad Stars!  Bad Season!

Apart from anything else, "Why know this stuff?  I can't do a damn 
thing about it!"



Hi Bill,

I gather by the tone of your message that your trust is in science, 
in what can be proven. It turns out that hundreds of scientific 
research projects over many years (much of it by governments) have 
established that paranormal phenomena do happen. Many of these 
investigators started out as skeptics, endeavoring to prove that such 
things are illusions or coincidence. You can scoff at the data 
without examining it if you want to, but that is hardly a scientific 

    "If your mathematical theory does not match the experiment
     then it's wrong."
     Prof. Richard Feynman.

I agree that too much can be made of this new-age stuff, as I 
suggested in my previous message. It's no good to act like the 
hundredth monkey and wait for 'good energies' to save us. But there 
are practical benefits to be gained from awareness of the existence 
of non-material 'powers'. One of those is to understand the power of 
'intention': studies have shown that deeply felt intention can 
actually enhance our capacity to accomplish that which we intend.

But not to worry, you're doing great things without the conscious 
benefit of things new age. Keep those anti-empire reports coming!


Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 11:35:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: jeff wefferson <•••@••.•••>
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: re: Operation Mind Control: It's still going on!
     [ ] me this may be the single most important thing you've 
written that I've seen!  Can you give me more details on this, esp. 
the "christianity" thing in America?  I am so glad to hear you say 
all this, I've been thinking it and talking about it for some time.

Also, have you seen a recent book by Dave McGowan called "Programmed 
to Kill?"  I haven't read it but it's about the FBI's psy-programs to 
create serial killers.

"Son of Sam" = Uncle Sam?

I recently read an incisive article saying that Pat Robertson (who is 
best mates with Oliver North) makes Charles Manson "look like a 
pussy."  haha...

Documentation on some of this would be very helpful...cheers jeff in chile


Hi Jeff,

You might find these useful:

   26 Aug 2006   US fundamentalism: how the cult is managed
   24 Aug 2006   Here come the Patriot Pastors!

I've found that the best way to research almost any topic is to 
simply ask Google. Play with search terms a bit, follow promising 
links, and you can usually find what you're looking for.

I'm sure you can find materials on cults, from a psychological and 
sociological perspective, and with case studies. There will also be 
lots of material about the Christian right, how it is funded, etc. 
But I don't know if anyone else has written about Christian 
fundamentalism as a cult phenomenon.


From: "Claudia Woodward-Rice" <•••@••.•••>
To: <•••@••.•••>
Subject: RE: Operation Mind Control: It's still going on!
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 12:47:36 -1000

The Moonies are VERY active in this area.



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