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Richard Moore

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Lest there be any "reasonable doubt."
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New film:


If you doubt the value of 9/11 research, please read
the following:

I've received more mail about and had more viewings
of "The Science of 9/11" than any film I've posted since
starting BrasscheckTV.com

Some of the mail has been critical.

Some have asked why with everything going on in the
world I would "waste time" on "nut job conspiracies."

First, September 11 is the root of many of the
evils we are facing today.

Take away the official 9/11 story and

1. George Bush and his colleagues are out of office,
2. There would have been no Iraq invasion,
3. Israel would have been restrained from its recent
slaughter of Lebanese civilians
4. Civil liberties in the US (such as they are) would
be intact
5. Our economy would not have been bled of nearly
$1 trillion in "Terror War" and Iraq invasion waste
and fraud

I'd say these things make September 11 a subject
worthy of the most exhaustive study.

That's my first point.

My second point is that it is a plain fact is that no one
has ever proven that Osama bin Laden or the mythical,
all-powerful al Qaeda are responsible for 9/11.

No court accepted evidence has ever been presented,
there have  been no formal charges, no arrests, no trials,
no convictions. No nothing.

On 9/11, Katie Couric and other millionaire newscaster
know-nothings declared based on "unnamed intelligence
sources" that Osama bin Laden did it and that has been
the full extent of the reporting.

Not only that, but thanks to the anthrax attacks which
took place in late 2001, the FBI - at the order of
President Bush - suspended all investigations into the
9/11 attacks - and have never resumed them.

In other words, no one knows anything for sure about
what happened on 9/11 other than these two facts:

1. Thousands of innocent people were murdered in
cold blood


2. Practically NOTHING that the government
presented about what happened that day has
turned out to be true.

The government said they had no warnings...

There received all kinds of warnings including one
literally put on the President's desk in August of 2000.

The government said there was no time to
activate air defense...

There was all the time in the world to activate
air defense.

The government said they know the identifies of all
the alleged hijackers (and thus their affiliations)...

Nearly half of the people they identified are alive
and well and had nothing to do with 9/11.

This does not inspire confidence, nor does the
fact that key witnesses have been ignored (and
in some cases silenced) and key evidence from
the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has
been withheld from public view.

Given that the facts of this important case have
been actively distorted and evidence willfully
withheld, I consider the research of the so called
"nut jobs" to be nothing less than heroic.

Is all their work 100% professional in every case?

Of course not.

But where *are* the professionals?

* Why did Bush take the FBI off the 9/11 case in
late 2001?
* Why have the CIA and US military stopped looking
for Osama bin Laden?
* How, assuming Bin Laden is even alive, has he
managed to elude capture for FIVE years?

Where is the US news media?

And where is the so called Left Media and the
investigative reporters who've previously done so
much courageous work and analysis over the years?

With few exceptions (like the stalwarts at the Pacifica
Network), the Left has ignored the issue entirely.

Yes, it's true that the leadership on this issue comes
mainly from people with nothing to lose - young
people without fixed careers, tenured and retired
academics, writers who've made a career of studying
government conspiracies - but that's because
at the present time, no one else has had the guts
and the uncorrupted intelligence to look at
the facts and speak the truth about them.

I've come across a brand new film that addresses
the science of 9/11 and handles it even better than
the previous film I just posted on this subject.

I didn't abdridge this one because there was no need to.

It's an hour and a half long - and every minute counts.
It's called "9/11 Mysteries."

It's worthy of your serious attention.


- Brasscheck

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tenfold in the past seven weeks.

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