rkm trip report – the Red Hat Tour – The Journey West


Richard Moore


I'll try to send out daily trip reports.

Why "Red Hat Tour"? Because I'm wearing a red baseball cap so folks 
can recognized me easily.

The Journey West...

Marathon travelling, beginning 5.30 am in Dublin on Weds, and ending 
11pm in San Diego (23.5 hours later!)

Miserable if I thought about it, but I didn't. Instead, I was reading 
the autobiography of Carl Jung. Fascinating stuff. I had no idea how 
amazing his life and ideas were. Having read most of it, and based on 
what he said, I suppose I must assume it is not accidental that I 
chose to read his book at this time!  He always needed to figure 
everything out for himself, couldn't trust anyone else's conclusions. 
That much at least we've got in common. I'll assume his spirit is 
with me.

The worst segment of the journey was a four-hour wait at JFK. The 
best moment was when I bought one of those funny crescent-shaped 
pillows -- wonderful to be able to sleep on the plane. Slept all the 
way from NYC to San Diego. So this morning I got up at 4.30 am, did 
lots of email coordinating the rest of the tour, and I'm perky as a 
sandpiper in mud.

Not much else to say yet.