Is global warming a hoax?


Richard Moore


You are likely find this information very difficult to accept. If so, 
I strongly urge you to view this documentary:

    'The Great Global Warming Swindle'
<> (complete version)

The documentary was not produced for the Internet, but is a very 
professional piece of investigative journalism, and was presented on 
Britain's Channel 4 TV. A number of very credible scientists are 
interviewed, and they explain in plain language the nature of their 
research and what they have learned. I'll summarize some the points 
they made, the points that I found most surprising.

First, about CO-2. It turns out the carbon dioxide (CO-2) due to 
human causes is a negligible part of the CO-2 emitted each year, and 
in any case CO-2 is a relatively insignificant component of 
greenhouse gases. Not only that, but greenhouse gases are not a major 
determiner of climate.

In Gore's film, where he shows the historical curves of CO-2 levels 
and global temperature, he explains how they track one another. But 
his two curves are not lined up with one another, and he fails to 
point out that CO-2 levels lag behind climate change by a few 
centuries. Global warming causes CO-2 levels to increase, not the 
other way around. What does track climate change, in lockstep, is the 
level of solar activity. This shouldn't really be surprising, as the 
Sun is the engine that drives Earth's biosphere and weather systems.

Next, about global warming. It turns out that we experienced a rapid 
cooling in the postwar years, ending at the beginning of the 70s, and 
we still haven't recovered from that. It will take a few more years 
of warming to reach pre-WW II levels, and those seemed normal enough 
at the time. During the medieval period, Europe had a very warm 
period, much warmer than we are likely to experience in our 
lifetimes, and they did not suffer from it. Rather they celebrated 
the fact that wine grapes could be grown even in the north of England.

The Earth's climate continuously fluctuates, on an historical scale, 
and it does so in response to solar activity. We can't do anything to 
change it, and it fluctuates downward as well as upward. It's not a 
'trend' that is heading in one direction. In that sense, global 
warming itself is a myth, if it is presented as a 'trend' rather than 
a local fluctuation.

The documentary also talks about the problems these scientists, and 
others, have experienced in pursuing their work. The Global Warming 
Threat has become an orthodoxy, and these scientists find themselves 
attacked and vilified almost as if they were Holocaust Deniers. Some 
of them were initially consulted by the UN, in the preparation of its 
influential 'study' of global warming, a 'study' that claims to be 
backed by 'the world's 2,500 leading scientists'. The final draft of 
the document was edited 'at the top' and left out all contrary 
findings. One of the interviewed scientists had to threaten a lawsuit 
before his name was taken off the list of so-called contributors.

The documentary tries to explain why this orthodoxy exists, and whose 
interests it serves. In this area the film-makers, and the 
scientists, find themselves outside their fields of expertise. We can 
talk more about that, depending on what kind of responses I get from 
this posting.



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