newslog: 13 Apr – 15 Apr

2007-04-15 Richard Moore ____________________________ Featured articles: 15 Apr – * Collaborative San Francisco * City-wide dialog initiative * 15 Apr – * Civilization and Madness: An Interview w/Derrick Jensen * 15 Apr – Pilger: Iran: the war ahead 15 Apr – Richard S. Lindzen: “Global Warming Fears Overblown” ____________________________ 13 Apr … Read more

Reader dialog to 13 April

2007-04-13 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 12:46:48 +0200 From: Earl <•••@••.•••> To: •••@••.••• Subject: Re: rkm report on Manchester conference Hi Richard, I’ve also not been visible to you lately, really the last many months. Not for lack of will, but that my activities have morphed a bit into action on the … Read more

newslog: 17 Mar – 12 Apr

2007-04-12 Richard Moore ____________________________ Featured articles: 12 Apr – America Online (AOL): Made in Langley, VA 11 Apr – Victoria Wisdom Council: newspaper coverage 11 Apr – 911: demolition planned when WTC was built 11 Apr – Brian Martin: Why academic jargon thrives 11 Apr – UK Govt. Report: Bio-Weapons To … Read more

AOL: still time to get off

2007-04-11 Richard Moore Friends, AOL has lifted their information blockade and so I can now mention ‘’ and our AOL subscribers will hopefully receive the posting. AOL subscribers were able to send messages to one another without censorship, but messages from outside AOL were blocked if they contained the string ‘’ anywhere in the text … Read more

Climate change and mind control

2007-04-09 Richard Moore ____________________ Previous related postings: 19 Mar 2007 Is global warming a hoax? 20 Mar 2007 re: global warming — the science 22 Mar 2007 global warming science: dissenting views 23 Mar 2007 Global warming: politics & ‘responses’ 23 Mar 2007 Biofuels Boom Spurring Deforestation 28 Mar 2007 … Read more

* If you are on AOL, it’s time to get off *

2007-04-08 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2007 03:52:22 +0200 To: •••@••.••• From: “PEERS: WantXToXKnow.Xinfo List” Subject: AOL Blocks All Emails Which Mention [our] Website Dear friends, AOL is now engaging in blatant censorship by blocking all emails which include the term “WantXToXKnow.Xinfo.” [without the Xs -rkm] To verify this, simply send an email … Read more

Venezuela: another model of social transformation

2007-03-31 Richard Moore ——————————————————– From: Lee Vanderheiden <•••@••.•••> Subject: What does ‘Bolivarianism’ entail? from Sanders Research Associates Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 20:59:34 -0800 To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>, •••@••.••• Dear Richard, This article by Gabrial Ash discusses in good detail what participatory democracy can achieve…. Venezuela as example. Hope this finds an audience. Cheers, Lee … Read more

Globalists Love Global Warming

2007-03-30 Richard Moore Original source URL: Globalists Love Global Warming Trilateral Commission, chairman of British Petroleum, CFR, Club of Rome fan hysteria to achieve world government Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet Wednesday, March 28, 2007 A common charge leveled against those who question the official orthodoxy of the global warming religion is that they … Read more