Angela Denise Lemos – many thanks for redistribution


Richard Moore

Dear Angela,

Just a note of thanks for your redistribution of the strategy piece.

This is what the renaissance-network is all about, being a networking hub
-- a community forum -- for people who are active with various groups.  If
you get responses from any of these groups/people, please forward them back
to the list, completing the loop, and making this coalition process fully

In the face of a common adversary/threat (you know who), it makes sense for
us all (eveyone everywhere who wants democracy and common sense to prevail)
to have a common strategic vision.

And that only happens through communication.

Thanks again,

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Subject: En: the strategy consdierations that led to cadre & the workshop...
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 14:23:36 -0300