Workshop: all about transport to Bear River


Richard Moore

Dear rn,

Jan has gathered every last detail about how to get to Bear River and has
presented it to us below for easy reference.  * Please save this message *

I believe the care and effort Jan put into this message typifies her hard
work, thoroughness, and dedication, and tells us something about how
smoothly things will go in Bear River `on the night', as they say in the
theater trade.

Just a note of appreciation,

btw> I know you are all busy, those of you planning to participate in the
workshop, but it is time to take a few moments, send us in your
accomodation requirements, arrange for wiring your deposit, and tell us
what you'd like to talk about when it's your turn to participate on a

Don't panic about having the `spotlight' on you... the environment will be
a supportive one; we're just asking you to tell us what your `walk on part
in the war'* is about, and you _know how you'll want to hear that from
everyone else.

             * "Did you trade your walk-on part in the war,
                for a leading role in a cage?"

If you are somewhere where wiring is risky -- I've heard tales of funds
lost, never to be found, in the labyrinth of the Indian banking system, for
example -- then just send some kind of international money order to:

        "Enviro-Clare" (payee)
        c/o Jan slakov
        Box 35
        Weymouth, Nova Scotia
        BOW 3T0, Canada

Date: Sat, 2 May 1998
To: •••@••.•••
From: •••@••.••• (Jan Slakov)
Subject: ferries, etc.

Bear River is a small town and does not have an airport. There are several
ways to get there, so here is some information to help you decide which
might be best for you:

If you fly to Halifax, you will need to take the bus to Digby and let us
know when you are arriving so we can meet you at the bus stop.

(*Note: Another consideration if flying to Halifax: You will need to get to
Halifax from the airport, a trip of about 30 min. by taxi or bus.)

Buses leave Halifax for Digby every day at 6:30 PM and arrive in Digby at
        Price: $31.05 + tax.

Bus: Acadian Lines 1-800-567-5151, Halifax #:454-9321, Digby (Irving gas
station): 245-2048

Note: The bus line is owned by Irving company and several groups are
boycotting this corporation because of its anti-union stance, its refusal to
pay a govt. bill for the clean-up of a sunken tanker and its stance in the
conflict with a Carmelite monastery.)

It would porably cost more to fly to St. John, New Brunswick than to
Halifax, but St. John is a 3 hr. ferry ride away from Digby (not the 4 hr.
bus trip).

The ferry leaves St. John every day at 9AM, 4:45PM and 12:45AM (this sailing
not on Sunday).
        Fare: adult: $24.50 1-way + tax.
                car: $50 + tax

Reservations are essential. If you use this #, there will be a $5 charge for
the reservation: 1-888-249-7245.

You can call the St. John office at 1 (506) 649-7777 to reserve as well. If
you use this number, you MUST be at the ferry terminal 1 hr. before sailing

For reservations made with the 1-888 #, you SHOULD be at the ferry terminal
1 hr. early, but the reservation will be respected if you are late.

(The ferry leaves Digby every day at 5AM (this sailing not on sunday), 1PM
and 8:45PM.)

There is also a ferry from Bar Harbour Maine to Yarmouth. From Yarmouth to
Bear River is about a 1&1/2 hr. car trip.

That ferry travels at 90 km/hr so it now only takes 2&1/2 hrs!
It leaves Bar Harbour at 8AM & 3:30PM.
        Fare: Adult: $45 US + $3 departure tax
                car: $55 US

For both the St. John - Digby ferry and the Bar Harbour - Yarmouth ferry you
call Bay ferries at  1-888-249-7245.

If that # does not work for where you are calling from, try the St. John #
(506) 649-7777 or the Yarmouth # (902) 742-6800.


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