re: (en) Peoples’ Global Action May 18th, 1998


Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 22 May 1998
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From: Makere Harawira <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: (en) Peoples' Global Action May 18th, 1998

To all those who took part in and otherwise supported this non-violent
action in Geneva and elsewhere, he mihi whanui ki a koutou katoa. Kia kaha
koutou. I add my voice also to the condemnation of the actions of the
Geneva police and justice.

At the same time I also want to voice my support to the concept of
monitoring to ensure that our non-violent protests are not co-opted by
those whose have a different agenda or who choose other methods. Too often
our efforts are subverted by small groups who seize the opportunity to add
their voice to the protest - which in itself is wonderful - but who then
markedly lessen the opportunity to make an enormous impact for good, as
happened in Geneva. I believe that these protests have equally important
and simultaneous functions of conscientising as well as one of protest, and
to see the opportunities for large-scale conscientisiation lost and the
struggles of our friends being recast as one of violent agitation is deeply

Perhaps it would be opportune to have some thorough consultation on this
issue with a view to developing a policy that is both productive and
workable, and still remaining non-judgemental of those who choose different
methods and who may therefore choose a different forum without disrupting
that of others.

Heoi ano
Makere Harawira