Re: Geneva Report: rkm presentation to NGO meeting


Bruna Nota



Thanks for sending your Geneva presentation, I have sent it around to my
list.  I hope it is OK.  Good stuff!!!

Here is something else you/we may want to be connected with. is my
progressive net server.  One may need to be a member to access it... and I
do not have enough time.  Anybody else out there who is part of the "apc"
(association for progressive communication -or something to that effect-)


        "The rich get rich and the poor get poor.  
         That's how it goes, everybody knows."

Against these pithy predictions from Leonard Cohen, the Canadian
Council for International Co-operation (with Web Networks) is
mounting a sustained attack.  Yes, the global struggle against
poverty is gaining an important new online resource: IN COMMON.
Advocating peace and justice, with full human dignity, this site
is part of a larger campaign aimed at stirring a "sea-change in
the behaviours and attitudes" of humanity -- starting right here
at home in Canada.  

The site is highly interactive, showcasing several applications
developed by Web Networks. IN COMMON EVENTS is based on the Web
Networks Community calendar - and the two are even "hard-wired"
to automatically share listings.  Another forum for expression is
VOICES - where you can lend your support to this significant

It's a step forward, but needs your participation to realize its
potential. Visit, but also add your comments, and local events to
the common cause. Bookmark, and lend your
shoulder to pushing the "wheel of progress" into a more
egalitarian new millennium.

Cheers to all

>If you want peace, prepare for peace (Si vis pacem para pacem).