an activist comments on our list…


Richard Moore

6/10/98, a subscriber wrote to me privately:
Renaissance-list is working, but I'm rather diffident about being on it,
since I'm not a deep thinker--I'm too easily persuaded by eloquent people
like you to claim any depth for my current world-view!

I am an activist... <snip- identifying remarks>
I do know some very good people whom you might consider adding to your list
<snip- list of people who indeed _are very interesting>

Dear x,

It was a pleasure to receive your letter.  Not only to learn of your
activities, and of the people you describe, but also it is so rare to hear
genuine humility expressed.  How many of us admit, even to ourselves, that
we are too easily swayed by eloquence?  Of course all of us _are, to
varying degrees.  I imagine that through such self-awareness you are in
fact more immune than most of us to being _deep _down swayed.

Let me assure you that this list _is for activists, whether or not they
consider themselves to be deep thinkers.  It is also for `thinkers',
analyzers, and proposers of ideas.  The dialog amongst all of us, at least
this is my hope, can educate, inspire, and help build community and
solidarity within the activist movement generally.  Be aware there are over
200 people on the list and only a handful have expressed themselves.  I
imagine your sentiments are typical of many `lurkers', and for that reason
your words are especially beneficial to the list.

I will invite the people you mention to join the list.

in humility,