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Jan Slakov

Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 15:00:12 -0400
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Subject: Re:Introductions

Jan asks for introductions:

I (Bill Ellis) am a physicist, futurist, farmer, living in the house is was
born in in a small Maine town (1000) in the lake, mountin forest, region on
the Canadian border.

        My first duo decade I gathered an education with stops in Maine,
Alaska, Hawaii, British Columbia and Edingurgh.  The second 20 years were
wandering jobs with time in Ethiopia, Nepal, George Mason U, U of VT and
Washington D.C.
        Earning a living for a family took the next two decades with jobs
for the National Science Foundation, on "The Hill," Unesco (in Paris), The
World Bank (Washington), and the Department of Commerce Science program.
        After an confrontation wth the Nixon people over the environmental
damage of the SST.  I "retired" from Washington as unpaid
cordinator/publisher/editor of TRANET (a transnational network for
Alternatives and Transformation).
        After 20 years and 100 issues of TRANET my wife (an anthropologist)
and I are taking time off to write a book integrating the ideas and actions
we visited around the world that are creating a global network of "The
Emerging Gaian Cultures."

"Escape from Affluenza"  PBS  Tues. July 7  PBS-TV

Bill Ellis
PO BOX 137
Rangeley ME 04970-0137 USA