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Richard Moore

Dear rn,

"American Patriot Friends Network" publishes viewpoints of the militia and
patriot movement in the US, a movement usually tagged "right wing".  This
particular posting is concerned with the issue of creating some kind of
alternative to the mass media, a bottom-up mass communication mechanism.
This is an issue of general interest to all movements.

I expect that most of us on the rn-list find many of the attitudes and
positions of the patriot movement repungnant, especially given how they are
reported in the media, with a distorted emphasis on nationalism, guns, and

At the core of their thinking, however, is a respect for constitutional
government and a desire for national sovereignty.  By the way this movement
is reported in the media, the effect is to identify concern with
sovereignty in the US as a "right wing" and "xenophobic" issue -- a version
of the "divide and conquer" strategy as applied to ideas.

The patriot/militia movement also isolates itself, and confuses itself, by
identifying Clinton and "liberals" as the enemy, rather than corporate
power.  They also see the UN as the main danger to sovereignty, and rarely
mention the World Trade Organization or other elite capitalist
bureucracies.  I had some success with an article I published over a "right
wing" channel which argued that "liberals as enemy" is a diversion, and
that "big money" is what they should be focusing on.  Many reponded
postively to that article.

If there is going to be a successful mass movement for democracy, then we
are going to have to find ways to communicate and seek consensus with
groups who we now tend to reject or dismiss.  Just talking to people we
already agree with is not going to get us very far.  I'm not talking about
compromise, there's no way we are going to adopt racism or approve of guns.
But there needs to be dialog and mutual education among people and groups
who currently ignore one another.  Militia people are not the cartoon
stereotype paranoids that the media (or even some of their own literature)
would have us believe they are.

Apropos of this kind of bridge building, does anyone know how the Orchard
campaign is going?


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Subject: "Reclaiming America's Freedom of the Press!"

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Subject: Explanation About Alliance

"Reclaiming America's Freedom of the Press!"

It all started with a few access shows...then Wes got an idea to do
seminars...so he invited all the patriot orgs to come together to do a
public forum for the public...they spent about 2 months publicizing...and
only about 50 people showed up for the first one...we passed the hat and
got the room for the next month...and continued to publicize and then about
3 months later there were twice as many people there, that was June of 97.
In January, one of the producer's kids got harassed by the local sheriff's
constable so we all joined together through the conference and went to the
County Commissioner's meetings and publicized that. They knew we were
coming so they called SWAT to intimidate us....all that did was get more
orgs involved...the next month there were 300 people at the conference.
Now there are about 38 different orgs involved...

It takes time and yes it is a lot of work...I spend every waking moment
doing it and I was hardly ever a speaker at the conference...

Some of the org don't like others and yes we bicker about this and that
but we all agree that if we don't stick together then the network is no
good. Some think y2k is important, others think 2nd amendment should be
pursued...and others are in favor of doing away with the IRS..etc, etc. We
all have different viewpoints and different agendas but what we have in
common is that the media refuses to print our stories, and refuses even to
print our letters to the editors and when they do "cover" us they demonize
us. So we have held three media protests so far locally.  So we have
decided that freedom of the press is most important at this time because
it is the press that is the cause of the average citizen calling us
"kookes" just because we love our country and hate the UN.

We now have press badges and use the freedom of the press to do what we do
and we are asking that anyone who joins "The Alliance" follow our set plan
on the URL I sent you.  We All voted for those Rules of order and the
Strategy for success.  We are fighting fire with fire.  And even if we
dislike another org in the Alliance, if they have a protest, we promote it,
even if it isn't our organization doing it...if the Alliance votes in favor
of a protest, then all of the orgs in the alliance are required to attend.
So it is a majority vote.  Each org has it's own representative.  That
representative gives the vote for that organization.  Before a vote is
called, the reps are notified ahead of time so they can discuss it with
the org they are involved with.

Someone once said, "You are spinning your wheels if you think you are ever
going to get the media to see it your way."  My reply was, "You have it
wrong.  We are not trying to get inside the mainstream media network. That
won't work. We have already found that out.  We are trying, rather, to
create a media network that will rival the mainstream network. In order to
do that, we have to work together. We have to promote each other. We have
to be willing to share information and work together to get that
information out.  Once there are enough of us involved, then the public
will have a REAL choice in the news they listen to." That is why we are
trying to buy an AM station.  That is why we have helped get 17 Access
shows on TV during primetime news hours.  That is why we have been at
public forums such as Commissioners courts and City Council meetings with
our signs and ICons.  And no matter how few people turn out, we don't quit,
because next week or next month might be a better turnout.

It is this strategy that is working.  We are now opening the doors to
everyone else outside of Texas. We have to do this. It is the only way. I
want Freedom-Lovers International newsletter to turn into something that
rivals the Austin American Stateman. I want it that big. We can't have that
if we don't work together.

Any more questions?  Please ask me, I am geared up for getting this plan

--Shonda - "Shonda P. Wigington" <•••@••.•••
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"Reclaiming America's Freedom of the Press!"
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