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Richard Moore

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Subject: Fw: Invitation
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 13:06:00 +1300

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Date: Thursday, 3 December 1998 12:21
Subject: Invitation

Invitation to an international  meeting in Paris,
11-12 December 1998

  Dear friends,

  You should already have received an email from
  us, introducing the ATTAC association, which
  was created in France at the end of last June to
  campaign against the "dictatorship of the financial

  The aim of this current message is to invite you to
  attend an international congress to be held in
  Paris on the 11th and 12th December, 1998.

  Before outlining the object of this congress in
  detail, a few words on the development of
  ATTAC. In France, the association has already
  inspired very significant interest. Although it was
  originally launched by various associations,
  newspapers and trade unions, it is now citizens
  and activists who are taking the initiative. We
  have almost 5,000 full members, dozens of local
  committees are being created each week and
  more than a thousand individuals attending our
  first general meeting in La Ciotat. The
  association's success has exceeded our wildest
  hopes. ATTAC's membership is made up, not
  only of individual citizens who wish to participate
  in the campaign, but also of many trade unions:
  and organisations which have taken out collective

  Outside France - in Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Spain,
  Switzerland, etc. - associations like ATTAC are
  being formed. However we cannot pretend that
  ATTAC's rapid development, in France and
  elsewhere, is the answer to all the questions that
  face us.

  The contacts we have made in various countries
  have made us acutely aware of the sheer
  multiplicity of preoccupations and questions that
  need to be addressed. In Asia and Latin
  America, the plans imposed by the IMF have
  caused social disaster and have inspired
  significant and widespread opposition. In other
  countries and among other interest groups, it is
  the campaign against the MAI that has inspired
  them to combine their energies. Elsewhere, it is
  the campaign against third world debt that is
  mobilising activists.

  The multiplicity of the subjects being addressed
  and the scale of the mobilisations now taking
  place seem especially significant to us, coming, as
  they do, at a time when the world is facing a crisis
  that is not only structural, economic and financial,
  but also political.

  The time has come to organise on practical and
  concrete grounds: the taxation of capital,
  rejection of IMF schemes, opposition to the MAI
  or any other accord of the same kind, etc. It is
  time to put forward social alternatives to

  As a first step, we believe that it is vital to open
  the way to the widest possible convergence of
  networks and social and activist forces.

  We are working on two initiatives:

  1. A "contra-Davos", to be held at the end of
  January 1999 in Switzerland. We shall assemble
  in this temple of ultra-liberalism to demonstrate
  that there are alternative voices - voices that can
  bring about effective resistance.

  This scheme for a "contra-Davos" is under way,
  organised by various independent networks and
  organisations. The idea is that each initiative
  should be a step towards a common goal, coming
  together on an international scale.

  2. A global conference, to be held during the
  summer of 1999, bringing together activists from
  all backgrounds. This assembly of several
  thousand participants, where associations, trade
  unions, intellectuals and leading journalists will
  mix with "ordinary citizens", could have
  considerable impact.

  Such a meeting, which could be held in Paris in
  late June or early July 1999, would allow
  experiences to be shared and common
  campaigns to be agreed.

  It would be open to anyone who wanted to
  participate and would be supported by
  sponsorship at all levels. Participants from the
  richer countries (Europe, North America, etc.)
  would pay their own way. Invitations to others
  would be sent out, not by any central
  organisation, but by local activist groups,
  associations and trade unions in Europe. These
  decentralised invitations would allow for the
  widest possible cross-fertilisation, encounters
  based upon common interests and meetings in the
  towns from where the invitations originated.

  The main purpose of the conference of 11-12
  December in Paris would be to discuss this
  project. The first item on the agenda would be a
  general discussion directed towards the adoption
  of an agreed text that we could all use in further
  initiatives, at international and local scale. (You
  should have received, in our earlier email, the text
  of the ATTAC charter, which could provide a
  possible starting point for this discussion.)

  The conference would go on to discuss what
  initiatives should be taken, including concrete
  proposals regarding the IMF, the MAI and the
  taxation of capital, as well as long-term aims,
  further meetings, the establishment of international
  links, etc.

  Hoping to see you on the 11th and 12th

On behalf of the ATTAC Committee,
The Chairman
Bernard Cassen

The General Secretary
Christophe Aguiton
 9 bis, rue de Valence, 75005 Paris - France.
email •••@••.•••


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