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Richard Moore

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This is a TERRIFIC analysis - I'm sending it to allthe listservers I have
access to, with recommendation to subscribe to your cj listserver.  Keep
it up - you have seen and identified the enemy, and it isn't us!

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Subject: police state camps

Thought this might interest you as another indicator of how the new society
is to be organized.

  -   Charles   -

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Subject:    (en) Junion high students forced to go to national guard boot camp

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


LOS ANGELES, California, USA, October 20, 1998 (U.S. Congressional Press
Release) - Hundreds of 11 to 13 year old students living in working class
neighborhoods of Los Angeles are being targeted for a program which
requires students to attend a military-style boot camp at Camp San Luis
Obispo called Angel Gate Academy when they would ordinarily be on vacation.
Under the program, anyone with brown skin has been classified as an "at
risk youth" and their parents, many who are immigrants from countries with
military and police terrorism against civilians, are being told that
attendance is "mandatory" even though the program was officially described
as "voluntary" by its sponsor, U.S. Congressman Julian Dixon
(Democrat-South L.A.).  To blunt criticism, the program is being sold as
remedial math and science classes.  None of the participants was sentenced
to the boot camp by a judge and none have broken any law as with a boot
camp in Arizona where negligence recently killed some of the young
prisoners who were California residents. However, they are being compelled
to participate in military-style regimentation, drill and behavioral
conditioning exercises which are designed to discourage individuality and
encourage them to enlist in the military when they get older.  During this
four-week "emersion" program, students are watched and told what to do
24-hours per day in a manner resembling military recruits or prisoners,
even though they are highly impressionable and emotionally immature
pre-teenagers, most of whom have never been away from their families
before.  The presumption of the program is that Latino pre-teenagers will
become "juvenile delinquents" if they don't receive military-style

The boot camp is funded by $4.2 Million from the Defense Department budget
and is administered by California National Guard troops who are neither
qualified teachers nor given any background screening to protect the
children from the possibility of abuse or neglect.  Julian Dixon has used
his position on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on National Security
to sell this program as an essential contribution to "national security."
Fiscal Year 1999 will be the SIXTH consecutive year this program has been
forced upon Latino youth in Los Angeles.  Local community organizers have
repeatedly voiced their outrage at the tactics being used to coerce
students into going  to boot camp, but they have been largely ignored by
the Los Angeles Unified School District and the California National Guard
which are implementing the program.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  This program closely parallels the use of corporate funding
to establish  High School Police Academy magnet schools at High Schools in
the City's Latino and African American neighborhoods.  Like the Hitler
Youth in Nazi Germany, it suggests a conscious effort by the government to
pre-determine the values and behavior of working class youth at an early
age so they will grow up to be the gung ho "loyal party members", police
and military troops of the future.  Like the Hitler Youth, it is the
government's preferred alternative to funding adequate public education and
giving people the chance to have a job which pays a living wage when they
grow up.

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