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Richard Moore

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Kia ora Richard

I always read your postings with much interest and enjoy sharing in the
development of your book. Re this latest piece, all is, of course, as you
say except that I think your analysis is a bit simplistic but essentially
its all there. The imporytant thing of course, is not only the resistance
to this but what we are going to replace it with. So we have a two-pronged
process en traine as it were, resistance on one hand - as expressed in
social movements and civil movements all over the world, and the recreation
of something better.

The problem with regard to both processes is fragmentation. Fragmentation
of resistance movements and fragmentation with regard to really viable
alternatives, in both cases due to partly to different agendas but more
often to differing ideologies.

As Gramsci pointed out, fragementation  is the single biggest cause of
failure of social movements to successfully overthrow imperialism. How to
overcome that, now there's a question!
Warmest regards

Makere Harawira

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Subject: Fw: LET'S TALK ...Fwd: Globalize This! Action Camp
Announcement-Please Share
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 17:48:20 -0700

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Subject: LET'S TALK ...Fwd: Globalize This! Action Camp
Announcement-Please Share

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Subject: Fwd: Globalize This! Action Camp Announcement-Please Share
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 17:09:31 +0100

check it out. Ruckus Society is having a "Smash the WTO" action camp in
Spetember. Anyone working on trade, biotech and forests should  go there.
Its free and you can apply at www.ruckus.org.

 From: The Ruckus Society <•••@••.•••
 Subject: Globalize This! Action Camp Announcement-Please Share

 Globalize This! Action Camp 1999

 When:September 16-22, 1999
 Where: Arlington, WA (north of Seattle)

Why: The Ruckus Society would like to help insure that the non-violent
confrontation with the WTO unfolds in a safe and meaningful way that will
inspire the global public.

This event is co-sponsored by Rainforest Action Network.

How to apply or get more information: Individuals interested in attending
or learning more about the "Globalize This!" Action Camp can apply online
at our website <http://www.ruckus.org or call The Ruckus Society at (510)

o Ruckus Action Camp alumni and individuals with at least two years
experience in direct action campaigns will be given special preference.

o All camp participants must commit to organizing toward a strategic and
multifaceted confrontation at the WTO's ministerial meeting in Seattle.

o The Ruckus Society is not interested in catalyzing another easily
marginalized protest in which the left eats its own on international
television. We are calling out to forward looking activists who want to
work in concert with those representing other important movements; those
who can articulate a powerful critique of capitol and at the same time have
the vision to see a more just global reality. Only those with a sense of
excellence, rhythm and humor need apply.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) plans to celebrate the end of the
millennium with its Ministerial Summit in Seattle, November 29 through
December 3. This promises to be an unprecedented meeting of corporate
conquistadors from multi-nationals and governments all over the Earth.
NAFTA champion, President Clinton, will welcome the thousands of delegates.
The WTO's stated intent is to set the agenda of continued economic
globalization for the coming decade.

The Ruckus Society's "Globalize This" Action Camp will be the most
ambitious undertaking that Ruckus has ever coordinated. We plan to bring
together 150 experienced activists from throughout the Pacific Northwest
for an advanced strategic and tactical skill share. We aim to foster
compelling direct action against the WTO on several important levels:

 o Large colorful protest involving political theater pageantry and celebration
 o Mass movement civil disobedience
 o Technical blockades and lockdowns
 o High profile climbing actions and banner hangs
 o High-tech "witnessing" involving radio and digital activists

live simply
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 22:21:31 -0800
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From: •••@••.••• (Paul Cienfuegos)
Subject: You are invited to attend a Deep Ecology Training on Challenging
Corporate Rule

Dear friends and allies,

I've been invited for the second year in a row to be a faculty member for
the Institute For Deep Ecology training entitled "Recovering Our Future -
How to Take Back Our Lives from Corporations". I sent many of you a notice
about this event months ago, but i just wanted to remind folks that the
date is fast approaching - it begins August 6th, and there's still room
left in the course. There's even an experimental sliding scale fee
structure this time around, so most people can afford to attend. Tuition is
$100 to $1000, based on ability to pay, and you can work off up to half
your fee through work scholarship. (The above fees do not include room and

Here are the details if you wish to join us.
Last year was incredible!  This year should be even better!  See you there?

Paul Cienfuegos
Director, Democracy Unlimited
Arcata, CA


Recovering Our Future
How to Take Back Our Lives from Corporations

August 6 - 10, $100 to $1000 sliding scale, average $370
Shenoa Retreat Center, Philo, CA (about 2 hours northwest of San Francisco)

Paul Cienfuegos, Stuart Cowan, Fran Macy, Jerry Mander, Fran Peavey

Never before has a society been so dominated by corporations and the
culture they impose. In many ways, our minds and bodies have been
colonized. We are forgetting how to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves,
entertain ourselves.

It is time to take a fresh look at the institutional forces that tear at
the fabric of our social and biological systems. In this workshop, we will
draw upon numerous social movements and emerging disciplines to help weave
us back into natural communities: challenging corporate rule/rethinking
democracy, The Natural Step, living systems theory, voluntary simplicity,
and the universe story.

New insights and experiential teaching methods will demystify the nature
and role of large corporations and help us reclaim our language and
thought-forms. We will learn personal and political strategies for
dismantling corporate rule and re-asserting citizen authority over our
corporate creations. The Natural Step will be introduced as a practical and
powerful compass to guide society towards sustainability - a compass which
allows us to call to account the people who lead our corporations and other
institutions. Through the teachings and practices of voluntary simplicity,
we will receive tools for participating in an economy of gift and respect,
for ridding ourselves of addictions to money and stuff, and for liberating
ourselves from the frenzied pace of our modern lives.

Deep ecology, systems theory, and the universe story will help us revision
our lives and transform pain into power. Participants and the living
landscape will be strong allies in our quest for a sane future.

A Typical Day at the IDE Training:

Meditation and Yoga
Silent Breakfast
Faculty Presentations and Experiential Exercises
Networking Lunch
Core Group Work
Issue-specific Workshops
Time for Rejuvenation
Creative Expression and Sharing

Equitable Pay Scale for Recovering Our Future: We are experimenting with a
pay scale that will enable people from all income levels to participate.
The average tuition cost is $370. Individual payment, however, will range
from $100 - $1,000. Pre-registration materials will include a worksheet
designed to determine how much each participant can afford to pay. Our hope
is that implementing an equitable fee structure will be the first step we
take together on the path of true democracy.


Institute for Deep Ecology, P.O. Box 1050, Occidental, CA 95465
Tel:(707)874-2347, Fax:(707)874-2367, E-mail: •••@••.•••


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