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[To deal with corporations, organize on their extractive side as well as
their manufacturing side.  Mark]


A new an potentially tide-turning alliance has been created in
response to corporate greed - a. new union of labor and
environmentalists Please read the announcement below and go to the
web site.  This new alliance will be very prominant in the Seattle WTO
event.  Help turn the tide by participating any way you can.

Brian Hill


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On May 19, 1999, environmental and labor leaders confronted
CEO Charles Hurwitz in Houston to demand that his Maxxam
Corporation, which owns Kaiser Aluminum and Pacific Lumber
Company, be held accountable for its impact on working
people, communities and the environment.

By clear-cutting ancient redwoods in Northern California,
and by locking-out striking steelworkers in five cities, the
Maxxam corporation has become an icon of corporate

Recognizing that we have a common interest in making
corporations more accountable for their behavior world-wide,
environmental and labor leaders have formed the Alliance for
Sustainable Jobs and the Environment and circulated the
following statement, dubbed "The Houston Principles".

For complete information see the ASJE web site: www.asje.org

    The Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment (ASJE)
    PO Box 3536, Eureka, CA 95502  tel-707-443-1783,

    Please make any donation checks payable to ASJE and mail to
    the address  above.


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