Robert Theobald has died


Jan Slakov

Dear RN,

While I do not think I ever sent you anything by Robert Theobald, I have
read some of his writing and shared it with friends and several people on
this list have been working with the Resilient Communities Project, which is
something I think is worth endorsing.

This message comes to us from Carolyn Ballard, a long time friend of the cj
and rn lists. Earlier she sent me a message to, (using Quaker words): hold
Robert Theobald in the light (I forget how the message put it). This I
did... it is interesting to read below that Robert and his close friend Bob
Stilger, who wrote the message below, felt sure the prayers made a difference. 

...I happen to be reading Starhawk's _The Fifth Sacred Thing_ right now.
While her view of magic is somewhat alien to my worldview, I am sure that
prayer can make a difference and so it is not totally inconcievable that the
worldview she describes is realistic. In any case, her view of the future
speaks very much to the worldview that Richard has developped (along with
many of us) on his lists. While I haven't finished the book, I do not
hesitate to recommend it to you. Just for starters the Declaration at the
very beginning is truely beautiful. Also though, the way Starhawk brings the
reader to think of nonviolence is enlightening.

all the best, Jan
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Subject: Fw: Robert Theobald Has Died
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 20:36:17 -0800

Jan -

   I don't know if you ever visited the Resilient Communities Project web
site or have read any of Theobald's writings.  However, some of your rn
readers may have been familiar with him or worked with the Resilient
Communities projects.  He was a gentle, loving spirit who will be much


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Subject: Robert Theobald Has Died

> Dear Friends and Colleagues,
> Yesterday afternoon, Saturday November 27th at 1:41pm, Robert Theobald's
> body died and his spirit was set free.
> He was surrounded by a very close circle of friends who held him in life
> as well as in death.  We mourned his passing, and relished his living.
> He came home from the hospital to his apartment just one week earlier.
> While his body continued to fail, his spirits never did.  He was putting
> things together at an astonishing rate, frustrated by his diminished
> ability to give full voice to what he was coming to understand.  He
> laughed and cried and direct us in his care.  And he told us that he
> loved us -- as we each told him.
> The energy and light and prayer that so many of you have poured into
> Spokane over the last three weeks has been a marvel.  It held him.  A
> gentle web which held him while he continued with his work and his
> living.  It was precious, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
> Robert thanks you as well.  Reach out with your mind's eye and you will
> feel him smiling.   May this web of connection continue, holding each of
> us in our lives and in our work.
> Three items as we transform forward with all our lives:
> 1. Full, current biographical information available.  You can view it
> on-line at  Other
> information is available upon request if you are writing an article,
> feature story or obituary for Robert.  Please e-mail me.
> 2.  We're planning a Spokane celebration of Robert's life in two weeks,
> on Saturday, December 11, 1999.  That date is exactly the mid-point
> between Robert's 70th and 71st birthday.  We will see if we can make
> part of the celebration "virtual".  More details as they happen.
> 3.  The work that Robert and I and many others have been committed to
> will continue.  New forms and new shapes, to be sure.  "Stay tuned for
> further announcements".
> Many Blessings
> Bob
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