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Richard Moore


The great article by Chossudovsky ("SEATTLE AND BEYOND: DISARMING THE NEW
WORLD ORDER") is now on our website:


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This is Doug Hunt  (below) whom I have also invited to the
party Dec. 1.  He is the UN coordinator for Northern NGOs
and works alot in Washington DC.  He is also a member of the
clergy.  Don, you might send him a note encouraging him to
come.  He could help Alliance building more than any one
person I can think of.

Brian Hill

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Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 20:52
Subject: In Seattle .....

Hello all,

I am in Seattle, safe from now for a police gone paranoid
after a very few whackos despite everyone's best efforts got
out of line and resorted to violence, even beating down
demonstrators that tried to get them to stop -- there are
really a total of about 50/200 roudies --

Seattle is a city under esserntial martial law at the
moment, as national guard troops are moving in to ensure
that wealthy overlords can finish their planned agenda for
stealing more of the sustenance from the world's peoples to
line their already overflowing pockets.

Sorry, I have helicopters overhead, and percussion and flash
grenades going off in the streets outside and I am quite
upset at the moment. It is, however, a moment that will
clearly demonstrate to even wealthy Americans that the
powers of oppression will stop at nothing to ensure that
their plans are not interrupted.

My only hope is that this week ends without anyone being
dead.  But I fear now that this is not possible. Now we have
had some very nasty people show up in the aftermath of the
police's insane response to peaceful demonstration and a few
bullies determined to create vilence. We have local
oportunists and nasties coming out and being called
demonstrators by the ever sensationalistic, corporate owned

This morning and afternoon I was with 30,000 peaceful,
happy, celebrating people demonstrating and closing down the
WTO for the day. This is the response those who believe
themselves to be the masters of the universe, so that they
do not have another day taken from them by the people.

It is a very bittersweet day...

It is, still an historical moment, perhaps a millennial
moment and the events of this night -- the police wait until
dark here and then come in their black body armour as if
ordinary people were evil demons to be feared and hated.
This could well be the night that the sham of developed
world democracy began to be unmasked for what it has become
all over the world ... the plutocratic puppet of the
corporate and individual gluttons that prey upon the rest of
the world and its peoples, much like rapists prey upon their
victims and take what can never be recovered or restored.

In a week or so I may be less dramatic.  I will never be the
same. I have never seen the like, not even at Kent State.

Prayers and thought are desperately needed.


Dear Doug,

You won't have a chance to read this until Seattle is over,
but I want you to know that your words are getting spread
far and wide.

Your comments about "local opportunists and nasties" reminds
me very much of my own experience in Geneva in the Spring of
'98.  There too there was a massive peaceful demonstration
against the WTO which was totally ruined by a handful of
violent provacateurs.  The guilty party then was PGA
(Peoples Global Action).  I wonder if they are at it again
in Seattle?  I hope not... they keep telling me they've

best regards to you,


thanks also to Brit Eckhart who sent in a version of
this following story...


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Subject: Marshall Law in Seattle -Shut down the WTO
         victory for the People
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 21:34:13 -0800

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Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 18:47
Subject: IMC - Battle in Seattle News- 12 Items


Up to the minute grassroots WTO coverage from Seattle.
The Independent Media Center is a grassroots organization committed to
using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting
social and economic justice.  Groups Supporting the Independent

                       Seattle Police Fire on Retreating Protesters
                       by dan merkle 5:32pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                                 The Seattle Police unleashed a new
                                 round of tear gas and was finally
                                 able to disperse the crowd after an
                                 all day standoff. As the crowd
                                 retreated, the Police aimlessly fired
                                 rubber bullets at the back of the
                                 running protesters. As there was
                                 clearly no danger to the Police or
                                 any bystanders, these cowardly acts
                                 constitute violations of human rights

                       At 5:15 p.m. (PST), the Seattle Police
                       Department ("SPD") released a huge barrage of
                       tear gas into a crowd of nonviolent protesters.
                       The crowd had taken over an intersection in the
                       heart of the city which resulted in a stalemate
                       throughout most of the day.

                       Teargas was dispersed intermittently during the
                       day as the SPD stood in front of their armored
                       vehicle. The crowd took no actions against the

                       Finally, in a desperate attempt to take
                       control, the SPD released large amounts of tear
                       gas and fired rubber bullets into the crowd of
                       mostly young adults. As the protesters
                       retreated, the SPD continued to fire at the
                       backs of the harmless protesters. This cowardly
                       act violates the spirit, if not specific
                       provisions, of international human rights law.

2]                   state of emergency
                       by cnn 5:13pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                       Downtown Seattle has been declared by the Mayor
                       to be a civil emergency. 7pm curfew from Denny
                       Street to the waterfornt. Meanwhile hit the
                       link to see CNN's version of events. Then
                       return here for the news from the streets.

                       state of emergency

                       Confrontation at 4th and Pike 3:30pm PST
                       by gazette webcam 4:54pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                       anarchy vs. the machine

                       Confrontation at 4th and Pike 3:30pm PST

3]                       Rubber Bullet Shooting
                       by Joe Friendly 4:29pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                       A police officer shoots rubber bullets into a
                       crowd of protestors.

                       Rubber Bullet Shooting (video: realvideo link)

4]                   Interview with Tom Hayden about the barracades
                      on site. by Marc Herbst 4:22pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                       Interview with Tom Hayden about the barracades
                       by Marc Herbst 4:22pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                                 Interview with Senator Tom Hayden,
                                 founder of SDS, Chicago 8 member, and
                                 California State Senator at Pike and
                                 6th about protests-230pm.

                       Senator Tom Hayden Interviewed at and about the
                       Seattle barricades .

                       I was wandering up liberated Pine Street when I
                       came to the large "turtle" lock-boxes at 6th
                       and Pine. The Police were slowly clearing their
                       way down 6th Street. Loudspeakers were calling
                       for support up front to protect the line while
                       a crowd around the Turtle lockboxes were
                       chanting. The police where threatening a new
                       round of gassing.

                       At the Northest corner I saw an older man in a
                       suit and tie standing calmly amongst the noise.
                       He was talking to someone about what all the
                       kids were out here doing. I approached him to
                       find out who he was and interview him. "Tom, "
                       he paused "Tom Hayden."

                       "You're Tom Hayden?" I asked as I lifted my
                       hand to shake his. "Yes." I'd read a lot about
                       him while studying the protest movements of the
                       Sixties. Now a State Senator from California,
                       he has quite a radical past. He helped author
                       the Port Huron Statement, the founding document
                       for the SDS (the Students for a Democratic
                       Society) which was instramental in creating the
                       60's culture of liberation. He was also a
                       member of the Chicago 7 after the Chicago
                       Democratic Convention of 1968.

                       I asked the Senator about what he thought of
                       the events. Impressed by what he saw, he said
                       that these Seattle events were "very
                       sophisticated." Comparing the protest styles of
                       yester-year to today, he noted the differences
                       in tactics. During the sixties the protesters
                       would stand around with flowers in non-specific
                       locations and sacrifce their bodies to the
                       arresting officers. Contrasting that memory to
                       what he was witnessing all around him, he
                       commented on how these activists were
                       attempting to do more. He was impressed how
                       they were actively trying to shut down a site
                       of oppression. Whereas in the sixties, sites of
                       activism where either in Vietnam or an anti-war
                       protest, today the protests were actively
                       confronting the sources of oppression.

                       I asked him how the activism we are seeing on
                       the streets today differed from the more
                       radical late 60's groups like the Weather
                       Underground. He said that those groups
                       contained too much oppositional politics and
                       added to the splintering of the left. He also
                       commented about how the agggression and
                       issolation required by those groups lead to

                       Senator Hayden also remarked on the
                       coordination between disparate movements that
                       seems to characterize and be one explaination
                       for the strength of this movement. He noted
                       that in the 60's there were no NGOs (non
                       governmental organizations) and thus the
                       movement was able to fracture. He noted that
                       from the Sixties until now there had been no
                       big new movements born. Today, he sensed the
                       creation of a new movement.

                       When asked if he thought this anti-WTO action
                       would be successfull at acheiving its goals, he
                       was more tepid. He noted that the debate that
                       it sparked has made the name the WTO a
                       household word. He also said that capitalists
                       would no longer have an easy time creating
                       secret networksof power.

                       But he felt that in other ways, the movement
                       faced new problems that he and his fellow
                       protesters in the 60's did not face. He
                       annacdotely told me about a CIA report he read
                       that was written in the Seventies. The report
                       suggested that media needed to become more
                       effective in smearing the left. He said that
                       the major media will loose much of the
                       significance of the reasons and the gains made
                       by the anti-WTO coalition.

5]                       The Corporate Media Blockade
                       by Eric Galatas 3:46pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                      The Corporate Media Blockade
                       by Eric Galatas 3:46pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                                 The Independent Media Center, set up
                                 to deliver non-corporate news about
                                 protests in Seattle, has received
                                 information that Police WTO protest
                                 numbers contradict ABC reports from

                       Corporate Media Shenanigans
                       by Eric Galatas, Independent Media Center

                       KOMO Channel 4, the ABC affiliate in Seattle,
                       reported this morning that the turn out was
                       disappointing for the AFL-CIO gathering at
                       Seattle Center.

                       Reporting live from the field, the KOMO
                       reporter said that from an estimated 25,000
                       participants, possibly 10,000 had indeed turned
                       out to protest the WTO ministerial.

                       The Independent Media Center, set up to provide
                       coverage from non-corporate perspectives, has
                       received information from police sources that
                       clearly contradict what the Seattle ABC
                       affiliate (owned by global conglomerate Disney)
                       has reported.

                       According to the IMC, the police are at this
                       moment preparing to meet 50,000 protestors
                       making their way from Seattle Center to the WTO

                       Stay tuned to www.indymedia.org for incoming
                       audio, video, print and photos of what is about
                       to take place, surely an historic confrontation
                       between forces opposing the giveaway of labor,
                       environment, and human rights to the demands of

6]                   75 000 people in the streets of France against
                     the WTO by PRESS RELEASE 3:30pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                       The demonstrations held against the WTO
                       Millennium Cycle were a great success
                       throughout France.

                       75 000 people in the streets of France against
                       the WTO •••@••.•••

7]                   Locked-out delegates still tourists at noon by
                       Andrea del Moral 2:57pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                       Honduran and Australian delegates who have not
                       been allowed access speak with protesters about
                       their politics of trade.

                       Locked-out delegates still tourists at noon
                       (full story)

8]                    Camo-clad cops beat up protesters
                       by Leslie Howes 2:32pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                       Undercover police beat up a man and a woman
                       that had been "marked" for arrest by police
                       minutes earlier.

                       Camo-clad cops beat up protesters (full story)

9]                   WTO attendees react to protestors
                       by James Culbertson 2:25pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                       A Contrast between WTO attendees and the
                       protestors on the street. A symbol for the WTOs
                       attitude toward the world.

                       WTO attendees react to protestors (video:

10]                  Interview with man who was hit with rubber
                       bullet by James Culbertson 2:17pm Tue Nov 30

                       Interview with man who was hit with rubber
                       bullet (video: realvideo)

11]                  Police shooting and gassing peaceful
                       demonstrators. by James Culbertson 2:07pm Tue
                       Nov 30 '99

                       Police shooting and gassing peaceful
                       demonstrators. (video: realvideo)

12]                    Corporate Media Shenanigans
                       by Eric Galatas; Independent Media Center,
                       Seatt 1:51pm Tue Nov 30 '99

                       Police Information Contradicts KOMO Channel 4
                       in Seattle Labor March Estimates

                       Corporate Media Shenanigans (full story)


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